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Ryan Adams’ self-titled LP is out next month, and to help build anticipation, Adams has been doing some interviews, like this one with the NME. Today, the New York Times published a Q&A with Adams, and — like most interviews with the guy — it’s loaded with good quotes. Here’s a sample:

You’re known for being a prolific songwriter, yet your new album, Ryan Adams, is your first in three years. What took so long?

Some of that time was life, like yardwork, walking the dogs. I made a record with Glyn Johns, and we spent a bunch of money on it too. Then I had to go sit at a dinner table with my manager and the head of Capitol Records and say, “Hey, man, you can’t put this out.” It was about losing my grandmother. It was too sad.

You’ve been living a pretty clean life for a while now. Does that get easier over time?

It was never hard for me to stop. My days of experimenting with drugs and boozing, they were so done when they were done. I’m allergic to alcohol, it made my eyes itch, but a speedball always made that feel better. I’d be having a perfectly normal conversation, holding a drink, and I would think to myself, This person has no idea how high I am right now, and it was funny to me. It’s like I was a golf cart, and I was messing with the governor to get more speed, which was unnecessary because you couldn’t go faster in the area that I was in.

Is there a part of you that yearns to write something like “Let It Go,” to have a song that everybody hears?

What is “Let It Go”?

From Frozen, the Disney movie.

I haven’t even heard that.

That’s kinda nuts! The guy consumes music like a Brazilian bus magnate and he’s married to a woman who’s worked with Disney somewhat extensively! Maybe he’s been listening to too much Celtic Frost? (Haha, jk, no such thing as “too much Celtic Frost.”) Or maybe he thought the interviewer was asking about Adams’ own amazing 2005 song “Let It Ride,” and just got the title wrong? In any case, you should listen to “Let It Ride” right now and read the whole Q&A over at NYT (a longer version of which will appear in this Sunday’s Times Magazine), too.

Ryan Adams is out 9/9 via Pax-Am/Blue Note.

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  1. Is it just me, or is he kind of looking like Robert Smith in that pic at the top?

  2. I agree, I don’t like when bands talk. And I’ve never “Let it Go” either.

    • It’s not that strange that he hasn’t heard “Let It Go.” But it’s still funny. Especially if you mistake his response for “I haven’t even heard (of) that,” which I did at first! But I think he’s an interesting guy either way and that comes across in interviews. And the new album is excellent.

      • Oh whoops on my typo – I think he might feel like I do. Which is that as a user of the internet, I’ve heard of this thing called “Let it Go”, but I’m not sure if it’s a song or a cartoon or what? I heard some snippet of something but I thought that can’t possibly be the thing people are talking about.

        Yeah he gives really good interview. Very psyched for the new album. This year is shaping up to be the best in music in a decade.

  3. It’s not the first time a Ryan Adams album has been scrapped for being too sad … and now there are two Ryan Adams albums I really want to hear. C’mon Ryan, give us the misery.

  4. Even though I’ll think it myself sometimes, I always hate that ‘what took you so long?’ line of questioning posed to musicians/bands. They’re not our performing monkeys, y’know? They don’t owe us anything. Thought Ryan’s response was pretty on-point in that regard: “Some of that time was life, like yardwork, walking the dogs…”

  5. Frozen sucks frozen dicks

  6. I hope it comes out somehow. To stream a best of his classic unreleased albums much of which is also too sad Google: Ryan Adams Re-Demolition on the Moon

  7. I want those scrapped albums

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