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As a rule, it’s not a great idea to believe everything you read in the New York Post. But the paper’s celebrated Page Six gossip page does have an intriguing, baffling new tidbit of information, and if it’s true, things might be about to get really interesting. The paper reports that Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney have been “quietly collaborating” on a number of new songs, and their sessions together “could develop into an album.” One of the songs they’re working on is called “Piss On My Grave,” a title that reportedly shocked Kim Kardashian. Kanye was present at McCartney’s show at L.A.’s Dodger Stadium last week.

So many questions! For instance: What could this possibly sound like? Also: What’s a black Beatle, anyway? A fuckin’ roach?

UPDATE: This super-short Instagram snippet seems to confirm the existence of a Kanye song called “Piss On Your Grave.”

(via Billboard)

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  1. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, and some people write silly love songs about fucking someone hard on the sink whilst avoiding sullying expensive furs with semen. The point is: it’s not about the specifics, it’s about the love; and that’s why this collaboration makes sense.

  2. God help us.

  3. haha I’m ready for Jay to beat him to it and do a Jay Z and McCartney collab

  4. It might be Paul more in electronics-tinkering mode (which he’s actually really good at) rather than song mode. Either way hope to hear it.

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  6. I am ready for the Yeezus Beatles.

  7. From Golden Slumbers to Golden Showers: Behind the Music with Paul McCartney

  8. I really tried to come up with something witty about this but I’m just too taken aback with my thoughts on what in the good fuck it could sound like.

  9. “Ni**as in Liverpool (feat. Rick Ross, Ringo)”

  10. The lyrics are not that great, i expected more from kanye.. http://www.brandnewlyrics.com/kanye-west/only-one/

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