The Knife

The relentlessly fascinating Swedish electro duo the Knife have spent the past 15 years playing with ideas of image, advancing radical agendas, and recording amazing tracks. They have four studio albums, one opera, and more than a few brain-bending live shows to their existence. And when they get done their current round of touring, they will cease to exist.

In a new interview with Dazed & Confused, Karin Dreijer says, “When we finish the tour now in November we will close down, it’s our last tour. We don’t have any obligations to continue, it should only and always be for fun.” Reps for the group confirm that the Knife will “officially be no more” after this tour.

Here are the group’s final tour dates and a short promo for them:

10/31 Stockholm, Sweden @ Annexet
11/01 Gothenburg, Sweden @ Film Studios
11/03 Berlin, Germany @ Arena
11/05 Manchester, UK @ Academy
11/06 London, UK @ Brixton Academy
11/08 Reykjavik, Iceland @ Iceland Airwaves Festival

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  1. This cut me up, pretty bad…

  2. From “Heartbeats” to “Ready to Lose” … it’s been quite a trip.

  3. Dang. They had a good run. First Death Grips now this. Maybe they should form a supergroup and call it Knife Grips.

  4. I’m disappointed to hear it, but looking at Shaking The Habitual I’m not really surprised. That’s an album that really does feel like a final statement. A little bummed I missed out on my chance to see them live though.

  5. Wow. Really glad I caught their extremely odd and entertaining tour earlier this year.

  6. Boo, hiss etc.

  7. *gasp*

    …and that’s when it hurts…

    Relieved that I finally got to see them at Coachella this year. I know their Shaking the Habitual live show got mixed reviews, but I loved every second of it. I’m still not 100% sure if they were even playing half the “instruments” on stage, but the show was so engaging and the songs eternal that it didn’t phase me.

    Probably best this way. They might as well have broken up between “Silent Shout” and “Shaking the Habitual” when you consider the large time gap between those albums. But given how they really did something new with their Shaking the Habitual live show and how exhaustive the album was, I’d say they’d be hard pressed to top themselves anyway.

    If there really is still light outside, it would be the faint possibility of a new Fever Ray album now.

    EXTRA CREDIT: Can someone tell me which one is Olof in the above picture?

    • the black woman i think

    • Pretty sure he didn’t tour with them, so he’s not in it

      • Not only did Olof tour with them, but he’s also in the picture.

      • The picture got updated, but I know he’s got to be in it.

        I couldn’t figure out watching them live if he dressed up as a woman (like in the Habitual press photos) or if he was one of the dudes running around on stage.

        If I had to guess based off the old Silent Shout press photos, he’s on the far right of this new picture. If he dressed up like his press photo, I’d guess it’s the red-haired woman in teal behind Shannon Funchess that appears to be humping the girl in purple.

        But Olof’s so elusive, I can’t tell for sure. He definitely toured with them though. I thought the “put lots of people on stage” aspect of the show was just a clever way to “hide in plain sight” to keep up with his secretiveness.

  8. I’d say this is sad news, but I’m pretty sure they’ll still be putting out music in some form or another (more Fever Ray, please!). Plus there have been so many bands recently announcing that they’re ‘breaking up’ or ‘going on hiatus’ only to release music a couple months later that the concept has kind of lost all meaning.

    • I’d say NIN doing his whole “Wave Goodbye” shows only to come out with a new album 4 years later completely shattered the idea of what it means for a band to call it quits.

      I feel like that’s just what you do as a band now. If you don’t feel like putting out another album anytime soon, just say you’re done as a band. That way nobody is on your back about a new album. Then if you ever decide you DO want to put out a new album, they’ll get paid more money for shows, album sales, etc.

      I think Death Grips realize that fact. Unfortunately, I think The Knife really did do everything they wanted to do. It’s gotta be more difficult to work with your sibling that you’ve known your whole life.

      But yes, more Fever Ray pretty, pretty please.

      • Trent Reznor never said NIN was done. He explained, albeit a bit vaguely, that “Wave Goodbye” referred to the end of NIN as a non-stop touring machine, which they pretty much were from 2005-2009.

        Likewise, he spoke of NIN returning in the future, he wasn’t sure when or in what form. Turns out that was another album and more touring, but so what? NIN was never over.

        Let’s not group Trent Reznor, or the Knife, with the likes of KISS and The Who.

  9. Does this mean there will be a new Fever Ray record soon because that would be great

  10. At first glance I thought the headline picture was of the Children’s Hospital cast

  11. It’s impossible to be mad at them for breaking up with this press photo… When I noticed the Eiffel Tower action going on behind Shannon Funchess I spit out my coffee laughing.

    I’d be more sad tbh if they didn’t create such an array of incredible music already. It’s almost like I don’t feel like I need more; I can settle for the gold we already have. That seems to make the most sense all things considered. To be greedy for their music seems antithetical to it.

  12. And so one of my favorite bands is ending. I’m sad. I’m hopeful for a new Fever Ray album though.

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