The Game - "Don't Shoot"

That list of rappers and musicians up top is an all-star team and they’ve all gotten together for the 6-minute anthem “Don’t Shoot” to address the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown and the events that followed. The Game recruited everyone that appears on the song, and here’s what he had to say to Rolling Stone about the situation:

The issues in Ferguson really hit home for me, and I feel compelled to use my musical platform to address this. I am a black man with kids of my own that I love more than anything, and I cannot fathom a horrific tragedy like Michael Brown’s happening to them. This possibility has shaken me to my core. That is why this song must be made and why it was so easy for so many of my friends to come together and unite against the injustice. I managed to get everyone on board fairly easy, simply because we have the hearts. We care and are inclined to take a positive approach to resolving an issue that has existed since the beginning of mankind and that is racism and hatred towards one another as human beings.

The song is available for purchase here. Money raised from sales will go to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund.

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  1. Thank the Lord, I’ve been waiting for Swizz Beats to weigh in on the Ferguson controversy.

  2. a few things: where the refrain repeats “it’s muuuuurder” just reminded me of good ol’ Murder Inc. Also, I just happened to notice that none other than Tyrese is included in that group pictured but he isn’t listed as being featured in the song. ALSO, obviously not including Michael Brown in the middle, there are 15 people pictured that look like they have something to do with the song but there are only 13 artists credited. Who is the other photo-bomber other than Tyrese?

  3. They spelled 2 Chainz wrong on the single art.

  4. And diddy STILL doesn’t forget to plug ciroc

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