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If you’re a Weezer fan, you probably know a little bit about Rivers Cuomo’s college experience: he started at Harvard University in 1995, only a year after the release of The Blue Album, and attended intermittently until he graduated in 2006. Now, his experiences will be turned into a TV show. Cuomo teamed up with Psych creator Steve Franks for a new sitcom called DeTour. DeTour will follow a thirtysomething rock star who walks away from fame to discover experiences that he missed out on while famous. It would star a fictional character that’s heavily inspired by Cuomo’s own life. According to Deadline, Fox has given the series a put-pilot order; this means that while there’s a chance it won’t come to air, the network is pretty confident in its success and will face a financial penalty if they don’t give it a series order.

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  1. If they don’t call it “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” then it already missed the boat.

  2. “Hey, what part of Weezer hasn’t been sullied yet?” — everybody involved with this.

  3. Featuring an exclusively Japanese female cast?

  4. I could see this probably making a passable sitcom? Sad though.

  5. Rivers is an ego maniac and a generally all around strange guy, but he makes good music. This should be an interesting watch.

  6. Stealing Harvard 2

  7. A friend of mine visited Harvard in 2005 and ended up eating dinner with Rivers in the dorm dining hall. He reported that Rivers was shy and awkward. And that he was a thirtysomething rock star eating in a college dorm dining hall.

  8. i love it, i’m with you Varz!

  9. PLLLLEAASSE let me play one of the extras in the Beverly Hills video!

    Seriously, this would be an awesome show. Lookin forward to the scenes where he walks around E.O. Smith with a notebook containing the secrets of how to write a perfect pop song. F*ckin love that guy.

  10. I hope his Asian fetish is a reoccurring plot point.

  11. on the upside, the theme song can’t be any worse than Back to the Shack.

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