Killer Mike on Fox News

Killer Mike is one of the great interviews in all of popular music, as he showed in a recent CNN appearance, in which he talked, with great eloquence and emotion, about the fucking absurd police presence at the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. But Mike also appears to know how to tailor his message to his audience, and he came off just as well earlier this week, when he was interviewed on Fox Business Network (by the former Alternative Nation VJ Kennedy!) to talk about the police presence in Ferguson. Mike’s father is a former Atlanta police officer, and on Fox, he talked about how the best way for police to stay safe is to become involved with the communities they’re promoting. He also ingratiated himself with the Fox set by mentioning his NRA membership and invoking his Constitutional rights. If anyone can get a message across on Fox News, it’s this guy. Watch it below.

(via XXL)

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  1. doing atlanta and the dungeon family proud

  2. Killer Mike for President.

  3. Well, he’s one part of the New Avengers, so it makes sense.

  4. My favorite part is when it goes to a 4 shot of the 3 anchors and Mike. All 3 anchors are staring with full attention in a wide-eyed, head of the class manner. Like they’ve been sent back to grade school and Mike is their teacher.

    Pretty insane to see that on Fox. Figured one of them would try interrupting him.

    A hit of Mike and Fox news anchors will chill out and act right. (I’m so ready for new RTJ verses)

  5. Note to author:

    This is FOX **Business**, not FOX News…

  6. I think the real question here is why the fuck is Kennedy part of FOX News? That does against everything she use to stand for. All my respect for her went out the window.

    • Why? The show is called “THE INDEPENDENTS”… you’re “respect for her went out the window” because she’s bringing a different point of view to a traditionally one-sided network??

  7. wtf KENNEDY?! i just read her wikipedia page. she was introduced to libertarian-ism by kurt loder.

    • Kurt Loder has always seemed like a tool to me, the fact that he goes around pushing Ayn Rand just confirms it. Also, Stereogum should totally rank the MTV VJs. Gideon Yago ftw!

  8. God bless this beautiful, bad ass man.

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