Julian Casablancas + The Voidz - "Human Sadness"

Enough with the scraps and teases: Here’s a full track from Tyranny, the first album by Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. Technically, Tyranny is the second record to bear Casablancas’ name, following 2009′s electrified jaunt Phrazes For The Young, but if “+ The Voidz” didn’t sufficiently explain that this is a brand new project, this song ought to do the trick.

The first thing you need to know about “Human Sadness” is that it’s 11 minutes long. The second thing is that those minutes mostly comprise noisy, impressionistic sprawl. Yes, the guy who made his name writing brilliant compact ditties built from carefully assembled moving parts is now letting it all hang out, for one song at least. His music has always sounded like it was darting through a grid, songs wildly whipping around sharp corners like the young speed demons navigating city blocks in “New York City Cops.” Even at his most groovy and relaxed, as on “Under Control,” there was a rigidity to a Casablancas composition. Each track had the feeling of a swaggering rock ’n’ roll machine. “Human Sadness,” then, is the ghost in the machine, freed from its box and drifting off into the stratosphere. It’s still recognizable as a Julian jam — that grizzled, golden howl; those gnarly guitar leads that suddenly show up seven minutes in; the bass part that casually but commandingly lopes around beneath the euphoric haze. Yet it’s also unlike anything he’s done before, shameless in its shapelessness.

“Human Sadness” is available now at iTunes. Check it out below along with Tyranny’s newly unveiled tracklist.

01 “Take Me In Your Army”
02 “Crunch Punch”
03 “M.utually A.ssured D.estruction”
04 “Human Sadness”
05 “Where No Eagles Fly”
06 “Father Electricity”
07 “Johan Von Bronx”
08 “Business Dog”
09 “Xerox”
10 “Dare I Care”
11 “Nintendo Blood”
12 “Off To War…”

The album cover has also been revised since the album announcement in June:

Tyranny is out 9/23 on Cult. You can pre-order it now on CD, digital (only $3.87), vinyl (not out until the holidays), cassette, or USB/lighter sleeve

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  1. holy shit


  2. As a massive Strokes fan who was very disappointed by The Voidz when I saw them… This is fucking awesome. I loved Phrazes and I think I’ll love this one as well.

  3. I don’t even care what it sounds like, but I’m calling “Business Dog” my favorite track of the year/decade/century/millennium.

  4. hands down, the dopest dope ive ever heard

  5. I’m actually really impressed with this. I don’t care a whole lot about the Strokes, but this has just enough weird stirred into it that I can get behind it. My Voidz passing interest is now a genuine anticipation, and I’m looking forward to hearing this one on a walk at night sometime soon.

  6. I was afraid this was going to be a gongshow, but it’s blend of prettiness and chaos makes for a really rewarding listening experience. Can’t wait to hear more!

  7. Maybe the biggest surprise of the year.

    Phrazes For The Young is solid. Didn’t get much out of the previous Strokes release but this sounds so promising and interesting. I love the Strokes. I enjoy the bright moments on Angles but found Comedown Machine a little bland, restrained, and boring.

    Looking forward to hearing more. This is the most exciting music that Julian has made in a long time.

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  10. That bass line is “Is This It”-catchy. The whole song is insane, but strangely compelling.

  11. This is amazing. So many ideas in just 11 minutes. Just the right amount of weird while still being ridiculously melodic. and the best news?
    The album has 12 tracks, guys! Phrazes only had 8…..

  12. Really excited for this, Phrazes was criminally underrated and probably the 3rd/4th best album that Julian has had a hand in.

  13. This is actually kind of amazing. Write-up was spot-on when calling this “the ghost in the machine” of Julian and The Strokes.


  15. i might be crying right now this is so good

    • phrazes was sooooo ahead of its time its not even funny. “Left and Right In The Dark” is one of the best pop songs of the past decade cant even lie

      • Phrazes defintely had some ideas that put it ahead of its time (polyrythm electornic drums, lots of classical melodies in a pop context) but it wasn’t executed properly and felt half baked. The only songs I felt that payed off on that record were 11th Dimension and Glass. This on the other hand, is Julians musical abilities fully realized.

        • Half baked is the last way I would describe Phrazes. Overly ambitious is a lot more accurate, dude crammed a million different melodies into five minutes.

    • My pants are brown

    • I can’t wait until the easiest way to express enjoyment is no longer to just state how you’re crying. According to tumblr and twitter, the following things all illicit the same response of “crying right now”.
      - heard a new Julian Casablancas track.
      - heard a new Taylor Swift track.
      - heard an old Ginuwine track.
      - dog died.
      - mom died.
      - new episode of doctor who is on.
      - ate a nutella sandwich.
      - ate a dick sandwich. no bread.
      - trouble dealing with racial intolerance.
      - trouble dealing with radical dollar menu at taco bell.
      - emma watson appeared in a picture somewhere.
      - a ghost appeared in your bedroom somewhere.
      - a ghost ate your dick sandwich with no bread.

      these should not all illicit the same response. lets stop being unable to feel real emotions.

  16. Wow, I remember that intro from the teaser video and thinking it sounded great. Whole song is fantastic. Definitely not what I was expecting based on their live performances.

  17. Ha. 11 minutes.

  18. Came for the ‘November Rain’-esque solo at the 7 minute mark. Was not disappointed.

  19. Not what I expected, but I dig it nonetheless.

  20. OK, I’ll be “that guy” and just say it: there is a really catchy Strokes song buried underneath all that noise.

  21. What a song absolutely amazing Julian Casablancas doesn’t get enough credit he is an amazing musician!

  22. I didn’t know Julian Casablancas was operating so many stereogum accounts

  23. Sounds like a bunch of teenagers noodling with with knobs. I guess the solo’s nice. There’s a good song there hiding somewhere underneath all the pretentiousness.
    Kinda sounds like The Strokes before they learned how to play.

  24. I enjoyed their set at Coachella quite a bit so I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile; the first taste doesn’t disappoint.

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