Next week, the veteran New York brood-rockers Interpol will release their new album El Pintor, an LP that’s been the subject of a whole lot of discussion around here lately. El Pintor is already streaming online, and now the band has shared “The Depths,” a confident and sweeping song that’ll serve as a bonus track on some editions of the album. It includes the lyric “I met a waitress and she turned me on,” which immediately goes into contention for the “most Interpol lyric of all time” prize, thought it’s probably still not beating “the subway is a porno.” Listen to “The Depths” below.

(via The Line Of Best Fit)

El Pintor is out 9/9 on Matador.

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  1. Stereogum is really fannin’ the flames on this thing. Unfortunately for me my body is comprised of about 72% old pulp novels, 24% gasoline, and the balance is trace amounts of white belts and shoes, hair gel, skinny jeans, and ironic tee shirts.

    So I burn pretty good.

  2. I would vote for “Be my desire, I’m a frustrated man” to be the most Interpol lyric there is.

    Nonetheless, this is a good song. The more I hear of this album the more I like it.

  3. Woah, this is the kind of song I was wishing they *officially* included on the album.

  4. For the record if I had to pick one lyric that is the most Interpol-y I’d go with

    She puts the weights into my little heart
    And she gets in my room and she takes it apart

    And in the alternate category of “Interpol lyrics that are SO Interpol but I SO wish they weren’t” I’d go with

    Her stories are boring and stuff
    She’s always calling my bluff

    Ouch. That’s a pretty rough couplet right there. Nobody ever accused them of nicking Dylan.

  5. Awesome song!!! It should be on the album!!!

  6. “My best friend’s from Poland and, um, he has a beard.”

    enough said.

  7. It’s actually “If I met a waitress, could she turn me on?”

  8. I’ll take this moment to announce that I have found a certain order of songs in which El Pintor flows way better, and I will reveal it in this week’s Shut Up, Dude so that everyone gets a chance to check it out.

    • Are you gonna take away how front loaded the album is? Cuz I think we all know that all Inteprol albums are front loaded. TOTBL is heavily front loaded and the back half sags (see what a snarky bastard I am?)

      • lol Yeah, like, everybody knows how sucky The New and Leif Erikson are.

        But in all seriousness, yeah, that’s actually one of the issues I tried to tackle. That and the lack of proper beginning and end.

  9. Really loving this song. It should have made it into the album, definitely.

  10. Where can I download the song? Tried on iTunes, Amazon, in the local music store… can’t find it!

  11. It was an iTunes pre-order bonus song only, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. This is the only place I’m able to listen to it. There’s a little “buy” button in the soundcloud play window but my antivirus pops up when I click it so I’m not really sure if I should :/

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