I’m not posting this ’cause it’s erotic. I just think it’s weird that her mom’s there. You know Mrs. Pink is thinking Stupid girl. But her daughter bought her a house so she’s gotta keep her mouth shut.

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  1. Ooh baby. That was hot. Finally, artists I’ve heard of like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pink.

  2. rosie  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2006 0

    that was lame

  3. Pointless (but pert).


  4. MD  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2006 0

    What’s up SG? I saw this video at least a month ago. It’s not like you guys to be that far behind.

    Pink has nice titties.

  5. bryan  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2006 0

    i had the misfortune of being in a room with somebody watching her performance/interview on some morning show the other day. she is the biggest fucking idiot i have ever seen. it’s blatently obvious that she barely writes her own material (though she claims to write all of it) and only hates gw bush becuase it’s the cool thing to do. when asked about some anti-bush song she’d written, she totally froze. i belive the question was “what would you like put in a letter to president bush?” (becase the song is called letter to the president or some shit). and she just sat there until the interviewer got uncomfortable and started to change the subject. and then pink interrputs her and goes “i would just ask with why.” that’s all she could fuckiing come up with. i mean i dislike the president as much as the next guy but not becuase its the trendy thing to do. what a moron.

  6. I'm Right  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2006 0

    Pink’s nipples aren’t even pink.

  7. Memememe  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2006 0

    This is really old.

  8. Jeez, did y’all buy the new Pink DVD the day it came out?! Sorrrrrrrrry.

  9. MikeyK  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2006 0

    It’s great when achndroplastic dwarves do things to show that they won’t be bound by societal limitations.

  10. That’d be a lot more enjoyable without the cuts to her mom. This is what Google image search was invented for.

  11. Ugh, I can’t even be bothered watching it. All i have to ask is.. why?


  12. jason  |   Posted on Jul 14th, 2006 0

    It seems like Pink has been topless quite frequently since her album was released to complete indifference.

  13. Dan R  |   Posted on Jul 14th, 2006 0

    She has small nipples :(

  14. A shame  |   Posted on Jul 16th, 2006 0

    She has nice little boobies a shame to mutilate them a bit like an african woman.

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