Free music is the best music, no? Takka Takka show the love on V Day with an EP of new tunes, and all you have to do is download. It’s called Talk Faster, though we’re just gonna call it Takka Faster for kicks. Grab “Draw A Map,” which may be their best yet — but we’re suckers for background vocals.

Head here for the rest of the Talk Faster EP and cover art. The Takkas have some UK shows lined up with My Brightest Diamond and the motorik-loving Band To Watch 120 Days in February, but if that’s too far for you, there’s always SXSW.

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  1. todd  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    terribly boring band that only gets noticed due to knowing clap your hands say yeah and being in nyc. without these two things no one would have to be burdened by their existence.

  2. keith  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    standard indie band photograph. does this shit ever get old?

  3. jorge  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    more useful negative postings:

    guy with moustache, wtf?

    yet another band with a repeating name, how ’bout just takka, too boring?

    somebody shops at urbn for their scarves?

    when will stereogum stop trying to “discover” new bands and start telling us about shit that matters?

    moreover, is it possible to start “discovering” something that doesn’t live in the same borough as you. isn’t some kid in jersey making interesting music?

    yeah, I didn’t think so either.

  4. tim  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    Jorge, say what you want about takka, but keep New Jersey out of your mouth. Where are you from, hick?

  5. jorge  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    lol. hick? as if nj is cosmopolitan? whatever. can we stay on topic, moustaches, double names, bands being exceptionally boring when they are from nyc.

  6. tim  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    you’re from the midwest! own up, hick!

  7. stinky  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    i think they look hot.

  8. Tony G  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    The only time a moustache ever looked good on a musician was Greg Norton of Husker Du, and that was because it made him look like Rollie Fingers or Harry Reems.

  9. rob  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    Did anyone tell them they were going to have their picture taken?

  10. snarkster comments on Stereogum? omg, i’ve never seen anything so original. screw you guys, I love Takka Takka.

  11. Earfarm brings the heat!
    I’m with you, by the way man – they’re a great (if inoffensive) band. Have you heard any of the guys’ side projects? They’re all pretty impressive, too (Nuh Uh, especially)

  12. Joe  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    are they waiting to get into TRL?

  13. nick  |   Posted on Feb 15th, 2007 0

    if they are, they’d better hurry!

    here’s my question.. whenever i see these dudes live (which ive never done intentionally, but i still have managed to see them at least 3 times) my eyes are always drawn to the bass player.. who i’ve dubbed “fat john kerry”


    oh, it seems they kicked him out of the band.. now i feel bad for fat john kerry.

    this bud’s for you, man.

  14. amrit  |   Posted on Feb 15th, 2007 0

    Haha, jorge probably listen to Hawthorne Heights or Fall Out Boy or some other gay shit while masturbating to some fugly-ass Jack White with Fred Durst gay porno mag action.

  15. Mike H  |   Posted on Feb 15th, 2007 0

    Forget Fat John Kerry. The new bassist gets it. Like John Edwards going through a shaggy phase

  16. Alex  |   Posted on Mar 21st, 2007 0

    All u guys need to shut up…if you dont have a good comment to say y would u waste ur time saying it

    TAKKA TAKKA AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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