We all have to spend, even in a recession, so why not bank with Citibank and spend smarter? That’s the premise of a new commercial in which folks share everyday examples of fiscal prudence. Citigroup has seen better days (I’m a finance scientist, obviously): the company’s splitting in two on the heels of accepting $45 billion in federal bailout money. A tiny bit of that cash is being used to license “Jacking The Ball” from jazzy post-rockers the Sea and Cake. The rest will be spent on corporate jets. America, fuck yeah!

The Sea And Cake’s latest album Car Alarm is out on Thrill Jockey. Here’s a song from it that costs you nothing at all. Good deal.

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  1. This song used to remind me of a particular time in my life. That nostalgia has now been reduced to little more than a feeling of being smothered in the smoke of burning plastic. The pretense in these commercials conveying “smart” savings is exactly the kind of patronizing bullshit that has made me turn the TV off altogether. Too bad one of my favorite songs has now been wrapped in lame. Eh. Hope the boys enjoy that bailout money.

  2. Ravs  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 0

    As sad as this makes the other commentor, I discovered the song Jacking the Ball through the commercial, and I love it. That’s a positive!

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