Kanye takes videos really, really seriously. And Hype Williams keeps it nothing but high-concept for “Stronger”: The Daft robots monitor world events and tweak the settings on million-dollar-Kanye so he can be a harder, better, faster, stronger playa. Think about it: Only a bionic Kanyego could get away with those ventilated, venetian whiteglasses. May be a slowed-up Punk sample, but the clip’s all about speed, from the blurry-fast motorcycle to the stutter-shot dancing West. And the Japanese military seems to be freaking out over all of this, probably ’cause they rightly fear Kanye is about to unleash the world’s perfect pickup line: “There’s a 1,000 yous but only one of me.” Try it next time you’re out! (But not to those Daft hands, unless you want “our work is never over” imprinted on your cheek.) Anybody wanna translate those subtitles?

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  1. bez  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    rubbish! who buys this crap? and whats he goin on about? next!

  2. elpee  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    i’m just glad kanye didn’t get a robot helmet.

  3. andrew  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    kanye should have just let daft punk remix the song themselves. it would have sound a million times better.

    ah well.

  4. Crap. Visually it’s too much “jaypoppish” for me. The video isn’t anything we have seen like years ago and much better then this one. Like Interpol music videos: somebody call Gondry fast!

    His music have been waaaay better too.

  5. Sarah  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Once I learned the klondike rhyme was used previously on a Late Registration track this song became way less impressive.

    The video is nothing special either, looks like we are going to see him freak out again… I can’t wait.

  6. could’ve been cool, but rappers can’t give up on the shades ‘n bling, huh?

    i would’ve rather watched a hype williams daft punk video. in fact, it doesn’t even have to be hype williams. i just want to watch daft punk. all the time.

  7. Donald  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    What a piece of shit!

  8. s23  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Not only did he rip off daft Punk, but has anyone sen the anime Akira? Half of the segments in that video are just reenactments straight out of the movie.

  9. Chris  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    “Hater n*ggas marry hater b*tches and have hater kids…”

  10. Face Punch  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Am I the only one that think this is bad ass?

  11. bye denim sleeves

  12. liv  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    big surprise, doesn’t live up to kanye’s hype. its alright. should’ve been more Thomas and Guy-Manuel doing roboty things.

  13. elton  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    this video is awesome! kanye west is fucking COOOOOOOOOOOL! 50 million times better than the interpol one.

  14. You’re right…this is totally Akira.

  15. stephen  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    i think it’s pretty damn awesome.

  16. D.  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Look at the little dance he does at 2:33.

  17. Finchmeister  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Probably Kanye’s best work by a longshot (I like the song/video a lot a lot), but the stereogum commentary always kills me.

  18. 1) use the dailymotion.com version its much better
    2) Finchmeister hits it on the spot. This place is like the Digg of music.

    well he made a video of it, i think he got the sample cleared, and Daft Punk aren’t exactly studio masters themselves. I love ‘em, but they sample as much and blatantly as anyone else.

  19. 1. “you can be my black kate moss tonight”
    2. “does anybody even make any real sh*t anymore”


  20. is that cassie? the video girl?

  21. jack  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    This is the best Kanye parody that I have ever seen.

  22. good call thatoldsoul, dailymotion’s has much better A/V. updated, thanks.

  23. Deejayqueue  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Yes, it is a sendup of Akira. A groundbreaking anime film from 1989. I think that puts it within the realm of “sample-able.” Actually I think they did a good job of it too, everything from the way the camera moves over the robot-medical machine to the colors in the hospital room were done faithfully and true to the original, as well as the color streaks from the motorcycles. Those who haven’t seen the movie won’t really get the imagery, and instead tie it in with the song, which works pretty well, and those (like me) who did see the movie will dig it and maybe not pay as much attention to the song.

    I kinda dug the song though.

  24. Best review of this video I’ve read, especially the “Ventilated, venetian whiteglasses.”

  25. KingHater  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    It manages to be a hot song regardless of Kanye’s trademark shitty rapping. The video is OK, although it’s basically a declaration that he’s essentially gone 100% pop. Hip hip heads might not dig it very much…which is all right because judging by the numbers, hip hop audiences don’t appear to be buying records anymore anyway.

  26. Blarf  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Money hungry hypocrite. Freaks out on DP followers Justice, then someone clues him in that they won cause that’s the hotness right now and he rips French disco like he knew about it all along. What a banal waste of talent he is, I hope that John Mayer clobber for publicity works out better for him

  27. Alex  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Uh…not 100% sure, but I’m pretty damn sure the rainbow staircase where the chick is dancing is the Bathing Ape store in Tokyo

    Which is like, sooooooo 1 year ago….

  28. pakman  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0


  29. Was it just my imagination, or did those storm troops have the Star of David emblazoned upon their gear? I thought the Japanese were after Kanye, not the International Jewish Conspiracy…

  30. i love how all of the comments on Kanye posts are techno freaks whining about how he ripped off daft punk and old people who don’t understand why or how rappers make money. its typical stereogum.

  31. This is dope!!!  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Kanye gonna sweep the hip-hop portion of the grammys again….this is LEGENDARY!

  32. JAS  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    How can an homage to AKIRA, La Jetee, and Tron with Daft Punk on board be SO shitty?

  33. jojo  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    Umm Venetian Blinds are vertical slits not Horizontal.

  34. daft punk is playing at my house, my house….and kanye’s stuck in the closet

  35. I’m sorry, but why am I the only one who sees Kanye for what he is–this decades Puff Daddy.

  36. Morgan  |   Posted on Jun 27th, 2007 0

    It’s just kind of like, why listen to this when you can listen to Daft Punk’s? It’s better. I’m tired of hip-hop artists “sampling” songs and just throwing extra drums over the original and just rap over it. it’s not creative or new at all and it usually adds up terribly.
    People have stopped being creative with sampling.

  37. dirtyharold  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2007 0

    He’s definitely this decade’s Puff Daddy. Hopefully he’ll follow suit and drop music altogether for extracurricular business endeavors within a couple years…

  38. Chairman Blank  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2007 0

    Wow thats crap. Wait let me watch it again? Nope it’s garbage. Kanye has spent a little too much time in France. All of the tracks that have been released so far are very French discotechque. I don’t mean ironic or homage discotechque, I mean bad polyester jumpsuit, headband, “thank Christ we stopped making that music 20 years ago” discotechque. Now here we have Mr. West “rediscovering” terrible music and bringing it back.

    By the way Kanye. Enough with the white sunglasses. It’s not a trademark. It’s retarded.

    From what I’ve heard so far this album will definitely brick. Kanye will eventually blame the listeners for this impending flop and dissapear in a puff if white sunglasses and Louis Vitton.

    Unfortunately we’ll have a several months of watching him sulk (another trademark) before he finally leaves us the hell alone.

    By the way for a supposed producer he doesn’t hesitate to jack looooong samples from other musicians. Sampling is cool but when you’re just karaoking to somebody else’s song you aint’ no producer.

  39. Blarf  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2007 0

    Naw, I know exactly how rappers make money, I work in the industry. That’s what makes this stupid ass video even sadder. Touche to the Puffy sentiment too. To rehash something somebody did for controvercity and for the sake of well-planned marketing and brand-buidling TEN YEARS AGO? The layers of pathetic just pile on. Think of something new, jeebus

    Besides which, Puff is kind of a dope producer without the samples. Kanye, well, just my opinion, is not. Prolific maybe, but, there’s just about zero sentiment of punk-rock or intent to subvert the norm (as used to present in hip hop) belying the fact that his music is completely painful.

  40. Ashley  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2007 0

    Okay. This is ridiculous on so many different levels…but what comes to my mind first is:

    What the hell is up with those sunglasses?!

  41. Greg  |   Posted on Jun 28th, 2007 0

    cool video, but the song is way too long and repetitive. what were they saying at the end?

    oh yeah: “never over”

  42. I don’t get it. Cam’ron and 50 release true cookie cutter ‘I’m a Gangsta’, ‘Kill kill’, ‘b*tch, ho’ crap and the one mainstream rapper who isn’t really doing any of that still gets no love? What more do you want from the guy?

    The video isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever seen but I liked it. It shows that mainstream hip-hop doesn’t have to be all cocaine and drug references or ‘snap’ crap from the South.

    Second, he didn’t ‘rip-off’ Daft Punk. They cleared the sample and allowed him to do the song. He even goes so far as to pay homage to them in the video with the robot thing….hell that might even be them.

    Third, he didn’t rip-off Akira. He likes the movie and very obviously used it for a reference just like Hype used Madonna’s “Frozen” as a reference for his last video.

    I don’t even like Kanye, but his music and his videos are way more progressive and innovative than most mainstream rappers these days.

  43. Ryan  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2007 0

    We actually spent a month making a replica of Kaneda’s bike for that video. The damn thing ran on an electric Honda engine. Kanye seemed to think it did not meet his vision which is probably why I am not seeing it in the video. Ahh well, one moth of my life for naught.

  44. Christian  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2007 0

    if sampling isnt an artform, you should be bashing daft punk as well. assholes
    as well as the puff statement, puff is garbage. that bitch has no love for the music, considering the many making the bands, pepsi commercials, proactiv, and other bullshit he’s been in, plus the other garbage artists he signs to his record label. you should be calling 50 the new puffy.
    and if you have nothing good to say about something, then dont fucking bring it up.

  45. adam  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2007 0

    This Is great i really love this. cant wait till the cd comes out

  46. alex  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2007 0

    i dont know, this video would probably be cool if it didn’t look so expensive. the way i feel about it is just like, wow, you spent all your money on this shit? i don’t even really get what’s going on.

    the song doesn’t really do too much for me. maybe i’m biased, though, because before i heard someone said “oh, kanye samples daft punk in his new single, you should check it out,” so i was imagining how awesome it could be. when it turned out to not really be that awesome at all, well…

  47. Emanuel  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2007 0

    Why are you people so angry this song is great and i wish they would put the video on itunes already.

  48. I actually really like it. I had never heard the daft punk version until i found out that kanye was sampling from it and I like both….even though I do enjoy Daft Punk’s version more; I do belive Kanye did a good job.

  49. Utoledo  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2007 0

    I actually really liked this song and also “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

    Kanye didn’t rip off Daft Punk. They signed off on the sample and were also in the video.

    And for those saying he just rapped over they’re song. The only sample was Daft Punk’s chorus or hook i don’t know what to call them because they are the only lyrics in the original song. I think people confuse it because the synthesized words have their own beat and rythym.

    The Kanye version has a keyboard background or maybe synthesizer while the Daft Punk original has more of an instrumental sound. So Kanye isn’t being original but not at all is he “ripping off” Daft Punk.

    I don’t think the cd will flop because the “hip hop” nation isnt Kanye’s biggest supporter. Im not even sure it’s his target audience, so whether they buy the cd or not…

  50. Sarah  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2007 0

    What the hell is this? This is music? I’m so sick of Kanye, especially after he said he belonged in the bible. What an arrogant, talentless little shmuck.

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