Fresh-scrubbed local rockers The XYZ Affair came on our radar earlier this year, inviting comparisons to Weezer and Queen, and conjuring recollections of our favorite diplomatic fiasco from American History class. You seemed to dig ’em too. In this new clip, the Brooklyn power poppers deliver a perfect visual accompaniment to the rambunctious, anthemic “All My Friends”: Nickelodeon stars of yesteryear.

Jason Zimbler (Ferguson on Clarissa Explains It All), Danny Cooksey (Bobby Budnick on Salute Your Shorts) and Michael Maronna (Big Pete on The Adventures of Pete and Pete) lend XYZ a hand in a Marc Summers Revenge Plan. Yes, that Marc Summers!

We agree with the YouTube commenter who said, “the only person missing is Mr. Ernst from Hey Dude.” (And perhaps a Blake Sennett cameo.)

A lot of fun. Enjoy:

The XYZ Affair plays a hometown show at Union Pool Wednesday, July 18, and Mercury Lounge Friday, July 27. Last night they performed at’s Unbuckled 6; we’re hoping their cover of “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” ends up on YouTube.

Comments (22)
  1. No Kel from Kenan and Kel? XYZ Affair is racist – - but I love em anyway

  2. Actually, they were at DC9 in Washington, DC last night.

  3. Actually the XYZ Affair played the DC9 last night in DC. They opened for Le Loup, who rocked the casbah. You’re looking forward a week there

  4. Wrong. The XYZ Affair played DCist’s Unbuckled concert series last night in Washington D.C.

    They were quite good.

  5. Yes, yes, I got my dates wrong. All fixed.

  6. Steve  |   Posted on Jul 12th, 2007 0

    The XYZ Affair is the best band I’ve seen in a long long time. I can’t wait to check out their Mercury Lounge show on July 27th.

  7. Rich  |   Posted on Jul 12th, 2007 0

    holy crap, nostalgia orgy!

  8. Bonnie  |   Posted on Jul 12th, 2007 0

    they are wonderful live! there is nothing NOT to love about them. plus they are all so handsome :)

  9. aw yeah  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0

    that was a solid video. i feel good.

  10. Kevin  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0

    The one part of the video that didn’t make sense to me is: why does the chick with the “Ferguson is my darling” shirt make out with Pete?

  11. alex  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0

    She didn’t make out with Pete, she made out with Ferguson! Ferguson is the redhead with the shaved head and glasses. Pete is the one who crowd surfs.

  12. anon  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0

    this band is not about gimicks, they’re about the music.

  13. budnicksbrutha  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0

    What ever happened to Danny from Hey Dude?

  14. roman  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0

    isn’t it weird that every nickelodeon kid here (kid, not marc summers) is a redhead?

    this is one fun video.

  15. jonathan  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0

    this band is shit

  16. Ben  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0


    this song is fucking triumphant. gtfo.

  17. Jonathan  |   Posted on Jul 13th, 2007 0

    awesome video awesome song. man pete and pete was a really great show.

  18. Byron  |   Posted on Jul 15th, 2007 0

    This band rocks….they’re even better live!

  19. not only does the band rock… they’re great guys to boot

  20. tayodislikesmayo  |   Posted on Jul 15th, 2007 0

    It’s funny how much a difference there is sometimes if you take out one word from a phrase.
    “this band is shit” vs. “this band is THE shit” *thetwilightzonethememusic*

    Anyway, I enjoyed this song, but the video was just …hardy. Like this—> :D

  21. Here is some more Nickelodeon Nostalgia-someone sings about double dare.

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