Lollapalooza 2011: Foo Fighters, Muse & Eminem?

A couple weeks ago we updated you on Lollapalooza Chile. Now, according to the Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot, (and confirmed by Billboard) “reliable industry sources” place Eminem, Muse, and Foo Fighters in headline slots for this year’s Lollapalooza USA, 8/5-7 in Chicago’s Grant Park. He adds that you can expect Best Coast, Girl Talk, Crystal Castles, Lykke Li, and at least three additional headliners, so there’s still hope for Train. The full lineup will be announced officially in April.

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  1. It’ll also be Lolla’s 20th birthday so maybe we’ll get some nostalgia acts. Good luck Jim Rose Circus!

  2. Foo @ ACL guaranteed.

  3. What a terrible group of headliners. My money is on P4k

  4. Wow that’s depressing news….

  5. yeah, terrible lineup. booooo

  6. I was really hoping this would be a good year for festivals..

  7. There’s still Bonnaroo’s 10th, with MMJ and Arcade Fire all but confirmed

  8. muse is the worst.

  9. every 1 hates this line up. When I read it was eminem I freaked out. I dont care what n e 1 thinks they could have my 90 or 200$ for em alone. Still pissed i missed the strokes last yr. Last yr wasnt to good either but I would have paid 2 see the strokes. Paid 200$ to see rage and lupe one day pass back in 08

    • I pray you are joking, especially with the text type abbreviations… $200 dollars for Emminem, Rage, and/or Lupe? Do yourself a favour and check out Pitchfork Festival and discover some good music.

      • Alright, I think i would give anything to see Rage (although they probably won’t play another live show again). You can’t be dissing that. Rage would take all of p4k fest any day. Don’t worry dude, i have read pitchfork before, i know what i’m talking about.

  10. Eminem & Muse? Srsly? Might as well add ICP and

    This lineup is going to be worse than Coachella. How disappointing.

  11. OK, not the best lineup. But who would not want to be at Lollapalooza anyway?

  12. Failapalooza

  13. These messages boards get so predictable it’s almost humorous. I figured this preliminary line up announcement would get bashed. Not a Foo fan but Muse is a great live band and I for one am excited to see Em. He’s an artist I’ve listened to for years but likely wouldn’t travel / pay to see as a stand alone act. Package him in a one day ticket with 5 or 6 other good bands and that’s worth $90 to me. Sleigh Bells is somewhat exciting and Girl Talk’s set a few years back was a blast.

    It’s 10 possible bands out of what, 120? Relax people.

  14. “there’s still hope for Train…” really?

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