Let’s watch together, as a family. Directed by Spike Jonze…

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  1. Dad, why is Jay-Z calling the paparazzi on himself?

  2. when i first heard the song i was like…not impressed. then i saw pitchfork posted the album under best new music and i was like…pitchfork irritates me. then i saw the video and was like…oh yeah, these dudes are sweet.

  3. Aziz Ansari stealth cameo.

  4. Video surprises me a little- doesn’t seem to match the whole “couture rap” aesthetic that sort of defines WTT, MBDTF, and (to a lesser degree) BP3, and all of the material associated with those albums.

    That said, I smiled the whole way through.

  5. Fucking MTV…

  6. say what you will about excess in hip-hop, but if I was as rich as these dudes I’d be ripping up expensive cars and drive around like an idiot with models in the back for fun too.

  7. Move along, nothing to see here.

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  9. Poor Otis Redding. First he dies in a plane crash, then this happens.

    • what? a new generation of listeners find out about him from two of the biggest public figures right now? and the fact that they named the song in his honor and gave him a ft. credit just to make it easier for people to look him up?
      yeah I bet he wished his talent could be discovered and appreciated by as little people as possible

    • oh and also I thought that Glee cover was more of a travesty to him then ‘Otis’

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    • Whatever you say about Ye and Jay, someone has surely said about whatever hip-hop you used to know. Yeah, a lot of Watch the Throne is self-aggrandizing but if you think Kanye and Jay-Z have only ever rapped about how much money they got, then you’re just not paying attention and that makes you as lazy as any old white man who thinks the entire history of hip-hop can be summed up with the words “money, bitches, and guns”

      • Good point! Except, you know, I never came close to saying that they’ve “only ever rapped about how much money they got” so while nicely put, your point is moot.

    • Show me your favorite rapper and I will show you their song about money and girls. The excess is and has always been a part of hip hop. But just a part. Listen to “New Day” and “Murder to Excellence” and tell me these dudes are one dimensional.

    • hey you kids…get off my lawn! back in my day we listened to rap while walking to school up hill…in the snow…both ways!

  11. the worst part about this track is that they sample james brown’s “don’t tell a lie about me and i won’t tell the truth on you” at 2:43 and yet they didn’t credit JB anywhere. it takes a certain degree of cracked out hubris to create a tribute track and not pay respect to the godfather of soul.

    • huh? you could tell that that signature James Brown scream was from that exact (excellently titled) song, just from the 3-4 seconds they use? and you didn’t read the liner notes in which it’s cited as a sample about 3 or 4 times? it sounds like you’ve got some pretty incredible ears and some pretty terrible eyes. and if you’re objecting just to the fact that he didn’t get a “feat.” credit, how often does that happen in hip-hop anyway? just the fact that they gave it to Otis Redding for a sample is pretty unorthodox and kind of misleading since he obviously didn’t record new material for the song. and finally doesn’t using (and paying for) the sample (repeatedly on the album) show a pretty high degree of respect in itself?

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  13. Are these guys one dimensional and do they only talk about money, excess, etc? No, definitely not. Anyone that paid attention to their catalogue know they have plenty of original, smart, and plain entertaining material. But is this song the epitome of talking about money, excess, etc and does it luck anything special to make it a good song? Yes. The song is weak. So is half of the new album. Haters gonna hate, suckers gonna suck, and all you tools that automatically like something because it was made by someone you idolize and automatically label someone a “hater” because they offered their valid objective critique that happens to differ from your blind opinion can continue to jerk off to rims and use Ciroc as lube.
    p.s. It burns like hot fire.

  14. This whole thing should have been Kanye and Jay doing the “Pretty In Pink” Duckie dance.
    Am I right?!

  15. i hate that no matter all good music we’ve had this year, they’ll be on every best records of the year list’s in number one :(

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