Neon Indian - PAL 198X

Neon Indian will release their sophomore album Era Extraña 9/13 on Static Tongues/Mom + Pop; check out their tracks “Polish Girl” and “Fallout,” as well as their video for “Heart: Decay.” They’re selling a number of different bundles for their album on their website. With the limited-edition Deluxe Package, they’re including the PAL 198X, a custom mini-synth that Neon Indian designed with Bleep Labs. According to the Neon Indian website, the synth “features swappable controls that allow all three of its oscillators to be controlled with the included knobs and light sensors or with all kinds of devices just by screwing them in.”

At Stereogum, we’ve got one of those PAL 198X synths to give away. Below, we’ve got all the details on the giveaway, as well as some examples of what the synth can do. To show off the synth, Neon Indian has made a bugged-out ’80s-style infomercial, which could give you flashbacks to the Dharma Initiative instructional videos on Lost. It also gives you a glimpse of the band’s new lineup, with two brand-new members. Check it out:

And here’s an audio clip of some of the sounds you can make with the PAL 198X:

To enter to with the PAL 198X, all you have to do is (1) be a fan of Stereogum on Facebook and (2) comment by telling us what you’ll do with your PAL 198X. You’ll have to comment via Facebook Connect, not your ‘Gum user account on this post — we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on FB when the sweepstakes ends. We’ll pick a winner from the comments posted here, at random. Deadline to enter is 9/13 at 5:30PM EST. Have your comment logged by then, and you’re in.

Comments (220)
  1. Finish working on my new song, “German Girl”.

  2. I would make it have plenty of lovely noise babies.

  3. I would make sweet sweet love with it.

  4. probably just give it to a homeless person.

  5. I will name it George and hug it and pet it and squeeze it…

  6. swim the sacred spiral

  7. I will be the next Merzbow.

  8. I will DJ all of my house parties and everyone will be like, “Whoa! Dakota! This party is super rad!” and I’ll be like, “Yep. It’s all thanks to my Neon Indian PAL198X.” It’ll be great.

  9. With it I will make good or moderately good sounds and/or songs

  10. Lets be honest here: I’m going to use it to annoy my friends, family, and coworkers!

  11. i would plug it into my computer

  12. I really dont know…

  13. put it in the microwave with a marshmallow to see which one would explode first.

  14. Great video. I’d torture the cat more with my PAL 198X or use my guitar as a CV controller for it.

  15. I’d probably begin our evening by taking my pal, PAL to a nice hole-in-the-wall restaurant. My treat. Then catch a film; probably “Crazy, Stupid, Love” again, because I can’t get enough of that Gosling. We could end our night at my place, making sounds and such over a nice, quick game of Risk. Risk LOTR edition of course.

  16. I’d use it to control cats to do my bidding, like fetch me a coffee or call in sick to work.

  17. I would do illegal and immoral things

  18. Id let people know… That when the going gets tough, the tough get tough… Because now my Billy Ocean cover band “Silly Ocean” would finally be complete…

  19. If I got it, I wouldn’t use it for chillwave.

  20. I’ll impact a nation. Literally.

  21. i’d score my psychedelic romantic horror short film set in the 80s

  22. Slap on some analog delay and drift off into a spaced-out, fuzzy haze.

  23. I’d either use it to further the insanity in my experimental electronic music project, or to fight hostile aliens. Whichever is more necessary at the time.

  24. I’d make lovemaking whalesongs.

  25. Use it a creepy stairwell so as to frighten little children!

  26. I would replace my tongue with it.

  27. I definitely need more pedals and this would be perfect. I’d probably combine it with my line6 or just try it out with an electric guitar or keyboard.

  28. Start a horrible sounding one man band.

  29. I’d use it to create theme music for my new podcast/blog – cassette tape gold

  30. i would shot web from it

  31. I will chillwave to everyone who walks by my witchhouse.

  32. i will remember it fondly

  33. Seduce Zola Jesus into my shadowy web

  34. i would annoy the hell out of my wife

  35. I would get detained by airport security as I tried to board my flight with it. (in addition to making fantastic music!)

  36. use it as a really crazy lead on my mostly guitar-based recordings

  37. i’ll bury it in the dirt and make underground music. but no, i’d probs make a 83 song LP thats only 46 minutes long for fun and giggles

  38. If I had a PAL 198X, I would make an operation to attach it to my balls, so that everytime I masturbate god would come down from heaven to sing-along to the music.

  39. Hide it in my backpack and have a personal synth pop theme song wherever I go

  40. I would force feed my brother acid and lock him in the bathroom, then play a 384 minute long song made from the PAL 198X and slowly drive him insane.

  41. I’d start a band with my PAL 198X.

  42. I’d start a Neon Indian cover band called Neon Indian but in quotes

  43. I’d probably taunt my friend who just told me he never wins contests.

  44. I’d use it to travel back in time and kill Hitler. It does that, right?

  45. Use it to make late 70′s-style progressive music

  46. I’d use it every single time I poop, which means I’d get pretty damn good at it.

  47. I would use it as an excuse to bunk in my brother’s room and we’ll turn my room into a studio and I’ll have THE BEST SENIOR YEAR EVER!!!

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