This past weekend, Pearl Jam celebrated their 20th year together as a band by headlining their own Pearl Jam Twenty festival at the Wisconsin ski resort town of East Troy. Festival attendees had to endure a whole ton of rain, but they also got some big one-night-only collaborations. The biggest of those was almost certainly a reunion of Temple Of The Dog, the collaborative PJ/Soundgarden project responsible for the classic yell-along “Hunger Strike.” Chris Cornell joined the band onstage during the encores and sang “Hunger Strike,” “Call Me A Dog,”" “All Night Thing,” and the Mother Love Bone track “Reach Down.”

The Strokes also played the fest, and Vedder joined them onstage to sing “Juicebox” and to utterly overpower Julian Casablancas. The Strokes singer, who payed Vedder tribute during his band’s set, also joined PJ onstage with them later to sing “Not For You.” And at some point or other during the weekend, members of just about every other band on the bill collaborated with Pearl Jam, including Queens of the Stone Age, Mudhoney, the Swell Season’s Glen Hansard, and X’s John Doe. We’ve got videos of “Hunger Strike,” “Juicebox,” and “Not For You” below.

(via Billboard)

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  1. “Reach Down” was not a Mother Love Bone track. It was the second song on the Temple of the Dog album.

  2. I was there….it was fantastic. Vedder on Juicebox was definitely a surprise, but one that blew me away. Josh Homme playing on New York City Cops was also great.

  3. Yeah they did the Mother Love Bone song “Stardog Champion”, as well as the TOTD tracks “Say Hello To Heaven”, “Reach Down” & “Hunger Strike” on Saturday. Sunday they did “Reach Down” again, as well as “Call Me A Dog” & “All Night Thing”.

  4. Da fuh is the reason that nobody likes First Impressions? maybe a lil too long, but some of my favorite strokes tunes on there

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