Ryan Adams - "Ashes & Fire" Video

In the run-up to his new album Ashes & Fire, Ryan Adams has been on, uh, fire lately. First there was the lovely, scaled-back new single “Lucky Now.” Then, there was the equally (and improbably) lovely cover of Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years.” And now here’s a video of Adams doing a simple, straightforward solo acoustic version of the album’s title track while wearing a Black Sabbath shirt and singing into an old-timey microphone. Watch it here. It is great.

Ashes & Fire is out 10/11 on Pax-Am/Capitol.

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  1. It is great! Can’t wait for this album!

  2. Ryan Adams is a poser.

    • ryan adams is not a poster.

    • Very funny but misguided – Ryan Adams is undoubtedly the greatest songwriter of his generation. Other people may have written 5 or even 10 great songs, Ryan Adams has written literally dozens of them.

    • I agree w/Psuedo Yes the guy is very talented,but that doesn’t mean its good…& man ruin a great Iron Maiden song w/your folk ass BS why did you do that & I hope it doesnt get out there to to many peoples ears…

      • Name one song Adams has ever written that doesn’t sound like a hackneyed version of whatever style he had been listening to at the time it was made. I don’t mean to say he is untalented, he has produced some stuff I like and has a decent ear for music, but all in all it always seems like he’s trying to hard. It’s probly just how his music comes off to me though. Not trying to hate for no reason, just wanted to see what kind of response that general statement would make.

        • 1) I like the song and am excited for the album.

          2) Bob Dylan is a poseur as well. Doesn’t mean the music isn’t great.

          3) “Avenues”, “Houses on the Hill”, “Jacksonville Skyline”, “16 Days”, “Don’t Wanna Know Why”, “Inn Town”, “Come Pick Me Up”, “Oh My Sweet Carolina”, “In My Time of Need”, “My Winding Wheel”, “Call Me On Your Way Back Home”, “La Cienega Just Smiled”, “Harder Now That It’s Over”, “The Bar Is A Beautiful Place”, “Karina”, “Like the Twilight”, “Dear Chicago”, “She Wants To Play Hearts”, “Miss Sunflower”, “Anybody Wanna Take Me Home”, “The Shadowlands”, “This House Is Not For Sale”, “Avalanche”, “I See Monsters”, “Please Do Not Let Me Go”, “English Girls Approximately”, “Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part”, “Strawberry Wine”, “Carolina Rain”, “The Hardest Part”, “Hard Way To Fall”, “Let It Ride”, “If I Am A Stranger”, “Sweet Illusions”, “Magnolia Mountain”, “I Taught Myself How To Grow Old”, “Crossed-Out Name”, “Blue Hotel”, “Words”, “Don’t Get Sentimental On Me”, “Dirty Rain”, …

          4) Originality is overrated. The guy writes a lot of songs, some good, some not-so-good, and some great. I would hardly call those songs “hackneyed”, even if they are reminiscent of Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, Paul Westerberg, The Smiths, or whoever. Good music is good music. If you don’t like it, listen to somebody else. You aren’t short on options.

          5) How does somebody covering a song in an original way ruin it? He is obviously a big fan of the band. IM liked his version. If anything, it caused more people to check out the song and the band. Should I be angry that Tim McGraw covered “When The Stars Go Blue”? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I would think that if nothing else, fans of IM would be impressed that their band can inspire a fellow musician, despite being very different stylistically.

        • You don’t know much about music then. It’s ok…. at least you’re trying. I’m glad you are trying.

        • He’s just a songwriter….. plain and simple. He writes songs that will last the test of time….more you than you can say for all these pitchfork darling flash in the pan artists that are more about saying you like them than actually liking the music. Copying or referencing past genres is what all music does…. it always has. Ryan does this purposefully – and wears his influences proudly. Amazing.

    • There is a term we use when dealing with mental disabilities called ASB or Attention Seeking Behavior. An example would be going to a forum where you know Ryan Adams fans would be and calling him a poser.

  3. psudeopike is a poser. psuedopike has no idea what a poser is, and is acting as a poser pretending to know what that word means

  4. he looks like brad pitt on this pic.

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