Youth Lagoon - "Montana" Video

“Montana,” a song from the young Boise bedroom-rock auteur Youth Lagoon, is a huge, surging tune, something that seems way too epic for a kid to make on his own. And now director Tyler T. Williams has given the song a rich, powerful narrative video, one that packs a whole lot of emotional catharsis and tricky storytelling into its five minutes.

Seriously, in the age of the fast-and-cheap internet music video, it’s a rare thing to see anyone attempting a short film with this sort of force, let alone pulling it off. We might need to bring back Jessica’s old Best Videos Of The Week feature just so we can help clips like this one get the props they deserve. It’s really something. Watch it below.

Youth Lagoon’s album The Year Of Hibernation is out 9/27 on Fat Possum. I think I need to go call my dad now.

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  1. I just have something in my eye, guys. Don’t bother me.

    • The way this album is shaping up I’m pretty sure “can anyone else hear Youth Lagoon?” will be the new “is someone cutting onions in here?”

  2. As soon as Jessica left I knew Best Videos of the Week needed to come back. Anyway, Youth Lagoon has yet to disappoint. That video is…quite something. Well done Mr. Williams.

  3. this is the best video of the year by far

  4. Terrence Malick would be proud.

    • Knew I wouldn’t be the only one to see the connection between “Tree of Life” and this video. Obvious homage aside, still excellent work that does justice to an excellent song.

  5. i’m huge a stickler for music video editing, but i think they took a great song, a powerful premise, and some really beautiful photography and ruined it with sloppy, confusing editing choices. the video still has some moments that really shine through, but the hyperactive cuts really detracted from some of the emotions they could’ve hit by lingering a bit longer on some moments, i think.

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