She & Him 2011 Press Pic [Autumn De Wilde]

This was probably inevitable, but She & Him, the forever-cute duo of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, went and made a Christmas album. It’s called A Very She & Him Christmas, and it’s out 10/25 on Merge. And why yes, it does include a version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, the yuletide classic that Deschanel absolutely fucking bodied in Elf. Given She & Him’s status as The Indie Band That Everyone’s Mom Likes, this will presumably get a whole lot of burn in our houses over the holidays.

Below, we’ve got the album’s tracklist. We’ve also got the video of Zooey in Elf, since I’m guessing that you’ll want to take a couple of minutes and watch that again.


01 “The Christmas Waltz”
02 “Christmas Day”
03 “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
04 “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
05 “Christmas Wish”
06 “Sleigh Ride”
07 “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”
08 “Silver Bells”
09 “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
10 “Blue Christmas”
11 “Little Saint Nick”
12 “The Christmas Song”

God bless you, Zooey Deschanel. I hope your new Fox sitcom blows the fuck up and you start making that Bones money and Emily stops making fun of you at Thanksgiving.

[Photo by Autumn De Wilde]

Comments (12)

  2. I, for one, welcome our adorable overlords

  3. But they’re adorable…this might be a Christmas album I can stand!

  4. i was hoping little saint nick would be on there

  5. vaginal rot i wish upon them both

  6. As if I wasn’t obsessed with Zooey over the holidays enough with Elf. Yes, she is my kryptonite.

  7. This makes me wish I celebrated Christmas!!!

  8. Of course they do.

    I’m surprised Silent Night isn’t on there. I can just hear Zooey monotoning it now. Yes, I am making that a word.

  9. Isn’t releasing a Christmas album the musical equivalent of shooting oneself in the face with a sawed-off shotgun?

  10. Really fun retro holiday album from Stella Artois. Download for free here

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