Active Child - "Playing House" Video

Earlier in the summer, we posted “Playing House,” a sort of summit meeting of forlorn bedroom-indie falsetto addicts Active Child and How To Dress Well. That track now has a video, and whether it’s intended or not, the thing comes off as being very, very silly. It’s full of cheesed-out smoke effects and quivering tear-lined eyeballs and overblown lip-sync theatrics, and our friend Chris Weingarten has already rendered exactly the verdict you’d expect. Isaac Ravishankara directs. Watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Active Child’s album You Are All I See is out now on Vagrant.

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  1. Three Times One Minus One!

  2. These guys make the best 90s R&B. I feel like All4one would have done a video like this, but their song would have sucked.

  3. easy contender for song of the year

  4. ugh soo good

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