The people behind next year’s Coachella have already announced that they’re pushing next year’s blowout to two full weekend, April 13-15 and 20-22. And now that this year’s summer festival season is just wrapping up, it’s time for the lineup rumors to start flying around. According the the often-dependable industry tipsheet HITS Daily Double, the organizers have already roped in two surviving ’90s alt-rock institutions who couldn’t possibly have anything less in common: Radiohead and ska-wave giants No Doubt. Let’s all take a minute and imagine the hideously awkward backstage conversation that could come out of this.

As for the rest of the lineup, there’s no word yet, but I’d bet a kidney that Foster The People will be somewhere on that bill.

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  1. By that time, I would hope Radiohead already would have new material to tour on. No Doubt makes perfect sense though….so i’m guessing this is true.

  2. No Doubt! will be amazing…. counting the days to april’12

  3. Well considering Foster the People were there in 2011, I wouldn’t bet on it. Girls, however, are probably a safe bet I’d say.

  4. Re: Foster. They brought back Sleigh Bells for two years in a row. Justice played back-to-back when they hit it big. There’s precedent.

  5. No Doubt is pretty awesome live. Saw them back in 09 and it brought back some good memories from my childhood (yes Tragic Kingdom was one of my favorite childhood albums).

  6. I am already booked for weekend 1 and have tentative plans for weekend 2 based on the line up. I am not happy with either one of these. And FTP are the fucking worst.

  7. Damn, my comment didn’t post… no wonder I didn’t win the best comment of the week… or worst…
    But anyway, I’m still looking forward to a collab/mash-up of Spiderwebs and Paranoid Android… heh

  8. Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 19th, 2011 0

    Since Coachella is two weekends long, a long-awaited return by Radiohead was to be expected. I’m not convinced that No Doubt will be whichever day they play’s absolute headliner, though. They’re an OC-based band but their comeback tour a few summer’s back wasn’t an instant sell out nationwide and had them headlining Bamboozle, so I figured their stock tumbled a bit in terms of headlining material and relevance. Maybe they’ll be in the same situation as The Strokes were this year sharing the day with someone slightly bigger.

  9. No Foster this year, where’s my kidney?!?!

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