Jay-Z To Help Design Nets' Uniforms

It’s too bad that watches aren’t an officially sanctioned part of the NBA uniform, because if they were, the Nets would have the best watch game in the league. Monday’s announcement from the team stated that the New Jersey Nets will change their names to — SPOILER ALERT — the Brooklyn Nets on their impending move to Downtown BK and that Jay-Z will have some oversight in jersey design and team colors. Though he’s aligned himself with massive designers like Ralph Lauren in recent years, remember that Jay-Z hasn’t always had the keenest fashion sense. Let’s see where this goes.

[Photo courtesy of The Basketball Jones]

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  1. One could say Jay-Z already had some oversight in Jersey design when he picked up the Nets and brought them home. (I grew up in NYC and Philly; teasing NJ is hardwired. Sorry NJ friends.)

  2. Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2011 +3

    Wake me up when all NBA teams are once again wearing the same style Champion jersey…

    • I’d really like to see the ad-heavy style of Euro League jerseys but instead of automotive or cell carrier ads, a banner ad for the new J. Cole album.

  3. Brooklyn Nets eh? so the jersey’s are gonna look second hand but cost an outrageous amount?

  4. They should channel jordan. I would put in a picture of MJ in some fucking silly oversize paint jeans, fucking silly oversize dress shirt, and FUCKING SILLY elongated hitler-stache, but I dont know how. I guess it’s probs for the best. Gotta know your limitations. No limit.

    • but like it’s a problem now because when I watch space jam these days all i think about is that crazy-fuck moustache and his silly fuck clothing choices. what a great movie but wtfismikewearing? with that money i guess you surround yourself with people that dont tell you that you look like an asshole with all of your aesthetic choices. get your hanes off those depression-era fit jeans mike. but the guy can clearly make fun of himself like in space jam when he admitted he sucked as baseball and was like “what the fuck am I don’t here I gotta get back to playing basketball” then he did. But the question is: Did someone tell him he sucked at baseball, or did he figure it out on his own? Maybe neither – maybe the stats spoke for themselves. Too bad there aren’t clothing stats. Maybe that’s the problem.

  5. For only a 1.5% owner, Jay-Z is definitely getting a big return on his investment in terms of publicity

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