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Bon Iver is totally a celebrity now, which means he gets to do things like make a celebrity iTunes playlist. Justin Vernon’s playlist has some of the things you’d expect, including tracks from legends (Bob Dylan, Funkadelic) and collaborators (Kathleen Edwards, Colin Stetson). But there are a few serious left-turns in there too. Vernon’s list also has songs from Bay Area cult rapper Andre Nickatina and Nashville-country baritone heartthrob Josh Turner. And perhaps most surprisingly, it also has Donna Lewis’s gorgeously cheesed-out adult-contempo hit “I Love You Always Forever,” which Vernon claims that he ripped off for Bon Iver’s “Calgary.” Check out the playlist below.

01 Bob Dylan – “Angelina”
02 Funkadelic – “Can You Get To That”
03 The Staple Singers – “Uncloudy Day”
04 Richard Buckner – “Canyon”
05 Fleet Foxes – “Battery Kinzie”
06 Don Williams – “I Believe In You (Single Version)”
07 Donna Lewis – “I Love You Always Forever”
08 Andre Nickatina – “Dice Of Life (The Battle)”
09 Kathleen Edwards – “Away”
10 Song Of Zarathustra – “Mess Of Zero”
11 Mount Moriah – “Lament”
12 Colin Stetson – “The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix)”
13 Iris DeMent – “Leaning On The Everlasting Arm”
14 Mississippi Fred McDowell – “Shake ’Em On Down”
15 Josh Turner – “I Wouldn’t Be A Man”

You can buy this playlist over at iTunes.

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  1. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2011 -11

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    • his first album was more like a iced pumpkin frappuccino

    • Get over yourself. Focus that rage boner on something more valuable.

    • You’re a snooze! COUNT IT!

      Seriously though, maybe you should turn off the cynicism and consider that this is just the music he likes. Maybe your own insecurities about ‘trying too hard’ are being externalized? I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist. Just calm down. Also, subjectively, I loved “Bon Iver.” Loved.

    • Congrats, great submission for lowest rated of the week.

      Also, zzzzzzzzzzzzz your opinion of someone’s music playlist is boring and now I’m asleep. You know that you don’t actually have to have an opinion on someone you don’t like’s playlist, right?

      “Can I just say that Muammar Gaddafi’s choice of hats drives me BANANAS??!! Fuzzy Toque, that shitty purple thing, and now a TRILBY?! JUST STOP. Nobody is trying as hard as this guy to have an ironic “Different” hat taste. Maybe that’s why Libya is such a goddamn snooze. everyone that downvotes this (and it will be downvoted,) make sure you pick up a copy of his hats at H&M get a $6 keffaya scarf while yr at it, it’s the scarf equivalent of this dude’s hats

      • freshie, this comment was exquisitely ironic and humorous, like a refreshing blended pink lemonade with a twist of raspberry

      • ddogdunit  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2011 -6

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        • I love that you’re the third person that has been upset with an internet comment reply to go to a link and use it as some sort of argument-closer against me. I don’t really care what you think, obviously we have different taste in music, so why on earth? I’m starting to think all the Sterogum trolls are the same person. Anyways, good rebuttal, nice.

          Here’s the deal with celebrity playlists: if you like an artists’ music, you would read their playlist to get a sense of maybe their inspiration or maybe check out other stuff they like. The assumption is that you have similar taste, so you might find something new to check out.

          Alternatively, if youdon’t like their music, you would ignore it entirely.

          Being critical of something that clearly isn’t meant for you in any way is unproductive and also zzzzzzzzzzzz

        • Also
          1) Madlibs is an awesome fun game
          2) Why would I defend the artists he likes? To you? You don’t like them! I know what the end result of that conversation will be.

          • ddogdunit  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2011 -10

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          • duchessofthomeyorke? How many accounts do you have?

          • Anyways, you’re right, I should have just ignored your comment. Sorry, Frendz? Here’s a Corgi video.

          • ddogdunit  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2011 -12

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          • ddogdunit  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2011 +1

            now corgis i DO like. melting the ice around a troll’s heart

    • Dude, latte hater? Come on.

    • Why are you so mad?

      Some guy, who happens to make really beautiful music, who also has been playing music for quite some time, shares a playlist of some music he likes.

      Your response: Run screaming with your head cut off on a message board decrying him as a glorified yuppie/hipster because his music taste is (cue buzzword) “Ironic” and it upsets your delicate sensibilities.

      Pro tip: Music is meant to be enjoyed. Go listen to the music you like. We’ll listen to the music we like. Additionally, get your head out of your ass – it makes it harder to enjoy music, I promise.

  2. I’m with the original poster, although I did quite enjoy the new album. Bonnie Raitt… she is such an awful song writer. I can’t really put into words what I think about what I’ve read in his taste of music, but it doesn’t at all mesh with the music he makes. Very few people listen to music that sounds similar to the music they make, but what is similar most of the time is the underlying aesthetic of the music.

    It is just baffling how unimaginative his taste in music is. I don’t know his reasoning behind each of his picks, or if he even feels passionately about these songs, so I could be speaking out of turn.

  3. iTunes still does Celebrity Playlists?!?! Cool !!!

    I remember perusing Celeb Playlists in 2005 and stumbled on Elijah Woods. He wrote about “Fearless” by Pink Floyd and how Meddle was an underrated album.

    I’ve been thanking that man ever since.

  4. Let’s just leave “I Love You Always Forever” out of this. That song is great.

  5. Only 7 songs of 15.
    1) Bob Dylan – “Angelina”
    2) Funkadelic – “Can You Get To That”
    3) The Staple Singers – “Uncloudy Day”
    4) Fleet Foxes – “Battery Kinzie”
    5) Kathleen Edwards – “Away”
    6) Mount Moriah – “Lament”
    7) Mississippi Fred McDowell – “Shake ‘Em On Down”
    The rest isn’t worth your time. You’re welcome.

  6. ugh, i really really h8 u bon bon

  7. where’s da kanye, all dat kanye influence on this album? where it be?!?!

  8. Can we get a statistic on how many of these artists have played the vmas ?

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