His clip for “Montana” was one of the year’s best, and now Idaho indie rock heartwringer Youth Lagoon is back with a video for “17,” a track from The Year Of Hibernation, his very good debut album. This fan-made one, directed by Kasey Lum, seems to be about a kid who builds his own universe. Watch it below.

(via Disco Naïveté)

The Year Of Hibernation is out now on Fat Possum.

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  1. I love the slow-moving, hazy style of Youth Lagoon’s videos, although 17 is kind old to still be playing in boxes and making cardboard crowns, no?

    • Michael… “Don’t stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die,” remember?

      • Ah, got it. Growing up on a steady diet of emo, post-hardcore and Morrissey lyrics that I would then paste into my AIM profile to reflect the sad state of my love life eventually wore me down into a state of indifference toward lyrics, so now I just pay attention to the way songs sound.

  2. Love the album, hate these videos. They’re drifting into Arcade Fire’s laughably somber, over-serious territory.

    • But isn’t that sort of the point? I mean I love the album, and I get a very somber/serious vibe to all the songs. So shouldn’t the videos match as a visual representation to said vibe or sound?

  3. One of the best albums this year and this song is pretty great when it kicks in, but sometimes he sounds like the old man from family guy probably due to compressor settings and emphasized with reverb.

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