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Lana Del Rey kicked off her UK tour at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge earlier tonight and finally via the magic of YouTube we get to hear her sing a new tune that’s not “Video Games” or “Blue Jeans” (though she played those too). “Off To The Races” was the final song of the short set. The much discussed “Next Big Thing” and Wonderland cover girl is currently prepping a full length for release on Interscope next year. Take a look/listen to the new song (and those other two) below.

“My mood changes about [my lips] depending on the day,” she tells Wonderland. “In general, you don’t want anyone to say anything bad about you.” I’m sure that won’t stop about half of you.

[Photo via Wonderland]

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  1. I can dig it

  2. lovely :)

  3. “Kiss me on my urban mouth”?

  4. Hmmm….sounds all right.

  5. I have to ask out of curiosity (I don’t really know much about her): does she really only have three songs? I mean, is that the whole set right there?

    • She had an entire album as well as about a dozen other songs that are floating around the web. I haven’t been to her show yet so I am not sure if she is playing any of that old stuff or just the 10 or so new tracks that are going to be on her upcoming album.

  6. miranda lambert lol i still can’t get over it

  7. this is much more interesting than “video games” for me

  8. Back on the LDR bandwagon. I think why she gets so much hate, and I’m guilty of this too, is because, with her looks and style, it seems inevitable that she’ll leave indiedom and become mainstream, leaving behind the people who with her at the start.

    • She never was “indiedom.” I feel like a broken record at this point, but she’s long been signed to a major label who calculatedly used indie blog press to drum up buzz for her even though the main goal has always been to turn her into a nostalgic mainstream commercial success like Amy Winehouse and Adele.


      • I don’t know. Her songwriting style and overall aesthetic is less heartbroken, vocally blessed girl-next-door (Winehouse, Adele) and more untouchable glamour girl. Although she may not be “indie”, I think she (or her manager) is at least trying to portray something that isn’t exactly mainstream, and not exactly an exercise in nostalgia. I don’t think she’s aiming (or being aimed) at the same audiences as Winehouse and Adele. The interesting thing about those artists was their accessibility and humanity, in interview, in lyric, etc., whereas the interesting thing about LDR seems to me to be her blankness and inscrutability, alongside a carefully-curated image, creating a tantalising information void which bloggers and blog-commenters seem eager to fill. It’s there in her performance style, and in the videos too. It’s even there in the songs; a line like “I hear you like the bad girls honey / Is that true” is self-fashioning, as well as being self-deprecating. It both creates an image and mocks it in the same line, as, in the context of a song about a stale relationship, the whole idea of the excitement of a “bad girl” can only be sarcastic; but yet LDR (in the song, and in her wider persona) wants to be seen as the “bad girl”, or at least a girl who has the possibility to be “bad”, or good, or almost anything beneath her blankness. The vacant-stare irony with which she performs those love songs makes all of it seem like an exercise in self-destruction, but of the art itself rather than her personal life. Even if it’s all calculated, and the product of a major label marketing drive, it’s a pretty interesting way to portray pop music; at a time when pop artists pretend to be sincere, LDR is pretending the opposite; she wants to seem as if she doesn’t mean what she’s singing, but at the same time, she is singing it, and it’s still quite moving. So how can she not mean it? It’s music struggling with itself, with the possibility of sincerity. And LDR, the person, is in a constant struggle with her own, highly deliberate image, LDR the inscrutable pin-up queen. It was obvious how uncomfortable she looked in that posted interview. Even all of her imagery is paraphrased from some idea of “50s glamour”. So who is she? It’s a pretty interesting tension. Anyway. I think there’s more going on here than can be easily dismissed. There is hype, but it’s not just hype.

      • Right…starting to feel like payola at this point…

  9. Off To The Races AND ONTO THE TRACKS!!!

  10. She looks lovely when she smiles. I don’t get why she keeps doing the same “I’m sad y’all” look in the picture.

  11. That picture is dangerously close to doing a Courtney Stodden face.

  12. She has a great voice, Guys. Let’s agree. And, she’s having her moment in the sun, smiling, and what not. Her shy demeanor is what we all love, and the stupid bloggers like to complain about. She’s has a genuine sweetness. That’s why she has the buzz she does.

  13. this whole thing is unbearably uninteresting.

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