The Rapture

The Rapture’s latest album, In The Grace Of Your Love, is out now in Japan, and it includes a bonus track in the form of the seven-minute psychedelic disco opus “In Love Divine.” And I have to ask: How in the hell is this track not on the album? I liked In The Grace Of Your Love a lot, but this song is not the sort of thing you hide away on a bonus edition somewhere. Listen to it below.

(via Some Kind Of Awesome)

In The Grace Of Your Love is out now on DFA.

[Photo by Jasper Bernbaum @ The Glass House]

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  1. it’s easy to see why it didn’t make the album. it just doesn’t fit. it would have fit on one of their earlier albums, but not on ‘In The Grace of Your Love’. that album has too much of a dance feel for this.

  2. That was admittedly Cramazing.

    I’m torn between them adding it to their album or leaving it as a bonus track. I recall TV On The Radio having an AMAZING 7 or 8 minute song called “Heroic Dose” as a bonus track to Dear Science. I thought it was one of their best songs!

    Either way, any song over 6 minutes is a friend of mine.

  3. true say tommy

  4. Very nice indeed. Honestly, I was a little disappointed by “In the Grace…”. I so wanted to love it but it’s always left me kind of …meh. I’ll take this post-punk, dance house whatever you want to call it anytime.

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