Fleet Foxes - "The Shrine/An Argument" Video

“The Shrine/An Argument” is the sprawling eight-minute suite from near the end of Fleet Foxes sophomore album Helplessness Blues; it’s the one with the free-jazz horn freakout. The new video for the song is a haunting and sometimes exciting animated piece about some sort of carnivorous antelope traveling across a hostile, fantastical landscape. Monsters abound. Sean Pecknold, the brother of Fleet Foxes frontman Robin, directed the video; he’s also one of the two animators. Watch it below.

Helplessness Blues is out now on Sub Pop.

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  1. I miss when Stereogum use to post about real artists like Beyonce, Drake, and Rihanna.

    • Get over it, some enjoy listening to the happy pop hiphop sound of Beyonce and others enjoy the low tempo of modern folk rock and *gasp* some enjoy listening to both.

  2. i’m a little upset i could only like this once

  3. *Drools.*

  4. I didn’t much care for Sean Pecknold’s animation for the FF tour, but this is really haunting.

  5. It’s like a creation myth. Gorgeous work.

  6. Well here’s some food for thought. I don’t have any idea what the video means. I find the animation very choppy and hard to focus on because the saturation is way overdone. Also it is creepy as hell so i dont’ know what all you wannabe hipsters are talking about. I hated this video and this song. I loved fleet foxes first album and then this piece of non art turned me off. So pull your heads out of your butt and quit jumping on the bandwagon!

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