Lulu box set

It’s become clear that basically the entire world actively despises the Lou Reed/Metallica clusterfuck Lulu. So obviously we’re all going to want to own a box-set edition of this thing, right? Imagine all the contrarian points we’ll score! As the video below makes clear, this deluxe version of Lulu also includes a lovely poster of that nightmare cover-art mannequin, some photo prints, and a slipcase cover for that piece-of-shit album. A steal at $119.99!

I would dearly love to know how many copies of this they sell.

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  2. Those drums sound horrific!

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  4. Tell us how you really feel, Tom…


  6. boxset will be worth thousands in 10 years, as worst boxset ever, i’m buying 20

  7. I’ve seen a couple of those in the local shop. I think to the record company, these count as “sold”… whether anybody actually buys one, or not.

  8. That book with photos of Lou and the gang sure looks useful. What is that? Why?

  9. Oooh, somebody made a deluxe version of my favorite album. Cool…

  10. That’s your $120 box set. You really wanted it for Christmas, but you just had to treat yourself. You put it on when you have some time to yourself and sip a glass of white wine.

  11. I want this. So bad.


  12. that tube looks perfect for takin a dump in and mailing to someone you love.

  13. Your mom this Christmas: Honey!! We bought you a present!! Since we knew how much you like Metallica, we bought you their latest box set!!

  14. Lou Reed: Trolling the music industry since 1974.

  15. Metallifail strikes again

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