Drake on Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Handler can be pretty irritating as a comedian, but for whatever reason, she often gets really good interviews out of rappers. Case in point: Man of the moment Drake, who just sold an assload of copies of Take Care. Drizzy sat down for an interview on the most recent episode of Chelsea Lately, where he confessed to a love of white wine spritzers, gave a non-denial denial on hooking up with Nicki Minaj, and just generally came across as being very together with his shit. Watch it below.

(via Drizzy Drake)

Take Care is out now on Young Money, and it is great.

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  1. This was pretty ironic in the sense that Drizzy was charming and well-mannered while Chelsea was chauvinistic and degrading, looking at her guest like a piece of meat. A half century ago, those roles were reversed.

  2. she is a bitch

  3. CRap musician on a crap show – why are you lowering yourselves by covering this, stereogum?

  4. Did Drake really just pronounce Lil Wayne’s name as “Little Wayne?”

    After watching this, Dwayne quickly wrote up a clause in Drake’s contract: “From now on, you’re only allowed to do that to Papa Weezy aka your boss if the assload of copies you sold is more than his.”

  5. No other Jewish rappers? The Beastie Boys anyone??? The Lonely Island!

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