Florence & The Machine @ BBC Live Lounge 11/25/11

Earlier today, Florence + The Machine reshaped Drake’s “Take Care” during their BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge session at Maida Vale Studios, giving the track a more cinematic feel by adding strings and supplying the usual Florence cathedral-in-the-clouds vocal treatment. It’s pretty faithful to the original, though. Before performing the song Welch noted that the three artists who helm the original — Drake, Rihanna and Jamie xx — were three of her “absolute favorite” artists, so it’s all love. Watch her perform the cover and download the MP3 after the jump.

Here’s the MP3:

Florence is kind of everywhere at the moment. We’re into it, though.

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  2. Or the fact that it’s a cover of a song with a sample of a remix of another song is actually pretty great. It’s also an awesome cover. Music doesn’t have rules.

  3. I think this is great, and the strange lineage carrying this song around is pretty amazing, kinda powerful.

    Seriously though — even four degrees away, this version still retains very significant portions of Gil Scott-Heron’s original lyrics & melody. He should absolutely be mentioned with it here & wherever it goes from here. Let’s not have Gil be forgotten when this becomes a big single for Drake.

  4. I can dig it.

  5. So Drake, why wasn’t she on your album? WHY?

    Really wonderful cover. It’s funny because I think she nailed all the Drake parts, but not quite on the Rihanna’s.

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  7. Music doesn’t have rules, yes. But does this feel a little similar to Sarah Jaffe’s cover of “Shut It Down” from earlier this year? That cover is way way better. This is pretty cool though.

  8. What with this and “You Got the Love”, it seems like Florence has a thing for covering songs with convoluted histories.

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