Morrissey on Conan

Stephen Patrick Morrissey doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of TV appearances, so each time he appears on the glowing flat thing in your living room, it feels like an event. Last night, the man was in fine dramatic form on Conan, singing the newish song “People Are The Same Everywhere.” Watch it below.

I suppose I should already know this, but who’s that on the T-shirt that all his backing band guys were wearing?

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  1. I think he sounds better here than he has in years, and it doesn’t hurt that this is a better song than most of what he’s released recently.

  2. I agree — His voice is getting better with age, oddly. Moz is probably one of the most perfect rock stars performing these days. I love how the band wears the same outfits (not in a cheesy Coldplay uniform way,) the punk drum kit and overall, how the music juxtaposed with his voice is not one that many others can seem to perfect. Always a killer dresser, too.

  3. It’s Nico on their t-shirts! He sounds and looks better than ever. Viva Morrissey.

  4. Best song by Mozzer in years. Nice one!

  5. Bravo, pinkfinger!

  6. i see the v neck, but where’s the cat?

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