Ryan Adams on Letterman

On last night’s episode of the Late Show With David Letterman, Ryan Adams came through to perform the exact same lovely solo-acoustic version of “Lucky Now” that he’s already done on a few other shows: Same tricolor guitar, same quilted leather jacket, same unassumingly great song. Except this time, he didn’t wear a T-shirt advertising an ’80s metal band — or if he did, the logo was below his guitar, so I couldn’t see it. Watch it below. And as a bonus, we’ve also got video of Adams playing the Heartbreaker classic “Winding Wheel” live in studio for KCRW. He plays a different guitar and everything!

Adams’s new album Ashes & Fire is out now on Pax-Am/Capitol, and it made our year-end list.

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  1. Beautiful.

    my cousin is a PA on the show. right when the video cut, you can see Dave was reaching down. He grabbed ryan by the arm, roughly pulled him out of the chair and said “listen here you little shit, you ever sit there again when i’m speaking to you and you’ll know why they call me “ol’ banger’ – it’s not cuz of my dick. Now get the hell out of here.”

  2. he did advertise an 80s metal band. the jacket has iron maiden on the back.

  3. True, Adams played a full, hour-long set last night on the Letterman stage. You can watch the whole thing: http://liveonletterman.radio.com/

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