CREEP - "Animals" (Feat. Holly Miranda) Video (Stereogum Premiere)

CREEP hones in on an eerie, spectral pulse in their video for “Animals,” where the music of duo Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard teems with a violent, dark vibe. It probably won’t surprise you that they’re the ones who came up with the term “rape gaze.” Holly Miranda gives us, um, a new look as Creep employs another prominent guest vocalist for “Animals.” Greko Sklavounos directs. Check it out below.

The “Animals” single is out 1/17 on CREEP INTL.

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  1. They must have coined the term after watching that episode of Law & Order SVU where the male stripper is raped by a bunch of women. That episode made me re-evaluate my career choice. I am proud to be a male stripper.

  2. Are you guys sure this is actually a Final Fantasy live action movie?

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