Unknown Mortal Orchesta - "Bicycle" Video

Young, beautiful people wiling out; apparently it’s a national epidemic. But, I guess if you get the chance to go hammer in a destructive, vividly-colored dreamscape, you just gotta do it, which is what I think Unknown Mortal Orchestra is trying to tell us here. But, at the same time, maybe not — I really don’t know what they’re trying to tell us. Check out the video for “Bicycle” down below.

(via Spin)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is out now on Fat Possum.

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  1. so so video, but the band is so worth looking at, great debut album!

  2. Hey UMO, so like, whenevs you want, you know, you can stop making all yr vids with hot chicks doing random shit. I mean, like cooler things would be cool too.

  3. saw these guys play in Brisbane (Australia) a couple of nights ago. They were great! The gutiar playing was a spectacle to watch! so good..

  4. Am I the only one who thought this video kicked major ass. I’ve watched it 3 times today. It has such a fun and explosive presence about it… and no, not because the girl is literally exploding things.

  5. She’s too attractive to like…really notice or care about the things she’s doing. Dropping fireworks between her legs in a sit/squat….aawwwwesooome……..

    Great band. Great song. Great album.

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