Every year, a few bands make it into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and a few more nominated bands get left off. This year, the list of inductees isn’t terrible: Guns N’ Roses, the Beastie Boys, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Small Faces among them. But the list of snubbed acts is arguably even more impressive: the Cure, Eric B. & Rakim, the Spinners, Donna Summer, Heart. And War. The ’70s funkateers, whose catalog of hits is deep and impressive, were among the acts left out in the cold this year. And they are not happy about it.

Talking to TMZ, vocalist and founding War member Howard Scott says that he’s “shocked” that the Beasties, in particular, made it in before War: “We were cranking out gold records when they were still in diapers… How could the Beastie Boys get in before us when they sampled War’s music on their first album?! I’ll eat their platinum records!”

The whole we-got-sampled argument is probably not Scott’s best piece of ammunition in this particular dispute; if that really mattered, Lyn Collins would be a Hall Of Famer ten times over. But the Hall’s snub of War is, to be fair, pretty jarring in a year when vanilla mediocrities like Laura Nyro and Donovan got the nod.

And for the record, here’s the Beasties’ statement about their induction, which doesn’t mention War: “We’re in the rock and roll hall of fame? That’s fuckin’ crazy and awesome! While we are very proud of the music we make, we have to acknowledge the inspiration from our families, friends and musicians like the slits, bad brains, x-ray spex, the treacherous three and too many others to possibly name. And most of all, we give thanks to New York City and the world of musical influence it provided for us.”

Also, my wife has pointed out that, with the Beasties and GN’R in the same induction ceremony, there’s every chance that Axl Rose and Bikini Kill leader/Ad-Rock wife Kathleen Hanna will be in the same room at the same time. That could get interesting!

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  1. who gives a flying fuck about the rock n roll hall of fame.

  2. War, huh? what are they good for? absolutely nothing.

  3. Can someone elaborate on the Axl Rose / Kathleen Hanna anecdote? It sounds like something out of the “Where’s the Beef?” archives before I was born.

    • Yeah, what he said.

    • No anecdote. It’s just something that would’ve been impossible to fathom in, say, 1992, when they both represented opposing ends of one particular spectrum.

      And regarding Donovan and Laura Nyro: It’s not that either of them were bad. It’s just that, I mean, come on. If those guys are a part of your canon and Rakim and Chic aren’t, you need to rethink your canon.

      • Thanks for the clarification, although it would have been cooler if Hanna had thrown a drink at Axl for making a sexist remark. But hey, there’s always the induction ceremony…

        • Hanna was also the inspiration for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” because she spray-painted the phrase on Cobain’s wall (if I recall correctly, the two dated, but maybe it was someone else from Bikini Kill).

          The beef was more of an Axl Rose/Cobain beef when Cobain was personally asked by Axl Rose to play his birthday party and Cobain basically said “fuck Axl Rose” (paraphrasing).

          Anyway, Red Hot Chili Peppers don’t belong in the hall of fame before CAN (I don’t keep track of the Rock n’ Roll HOF, but I doubt CAN’s in there).

  4. Sounded reasonable until you dissed Laura Nyro. Morons.

  5. Was the Donovan/Laura Nyro diss necessary? I don’t know about Nyro but Donovan was a fantastic songwriter.

  6. Best use of War? “The Cisco Kid” when Avon flooded the prison with hot shots on The Wire.

    Pic sort of related.

  7. legendary folk singers = vanilla mediocrities… I like your attitude(!)

  8. I have to weigh in on this primarily because I’m a War “biographer.” These guys have a long list of gold and platinum accomplishments. Their “World Is A Ghetto” album was the biggest selling album of 1973 so they’ weren’t just a “funk” band. They could play just about any style of music, and were a “jam band’ long before anyone used that term. One of their problems is that they truly were a BAND…meaning it wasn’t about having one or two guys that could be singled-out as being “special” by the media. They were 7 top-notch instrumentalists and vocalists.

    This clip is a taste of what they could do, and they went to even greater heights without Burdon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTbvJ-bYPh8

  9. That clip of War is hot! I love those guys. The bottom line is Rolling Stone basically created the R & R Hall and if you’ve not been on their radar they’re not going to put you in. Dave Marsh has a lot to do with who goes in and it’s well known he hates Kiss. I do think Donovan & Laura Nyro do deserve the nod, but maybe not as much as War, Deep Purple, Kiss, Rush, Donna Summer, etc…

  10. i thought no one cared about hall of fame.

      ITS COMPLETE UTTER B!$#$@T love and appreciate music regardless of what kind of music it is
      we all have are personal interested and reason why we like or love a particular band or artist.
      we dont need a Bias ass licking organization like this to tell the people who’s great and deserving….
      if it is true that rolling stone magazine runs this program …..well that magazine is shit anyways
      and they do it just for there own validity and strengthening there hand of power in the entertainment industry . i wish someone would campaign against this organization….

  11. Is that an early photo of TV On The Radio?

  12. For starters, people need to stop labeling WAR as a FUNK band. WAR created their OWN sound with a combination of music genres: rock,blues,jazz,latin,reggae,soul,etc. They most deservedly belonged in the R&RHOF years ago. I appreciate all the nominees and their music contributions, but it’s messed up that the Beastie Boys got inducted before WAR when they sample WAR’s ‘Lowrider’ in their song ‘Slow Ride’. Don’t tell me WAR doesn’t have an ounce of rock in them when they were the last band to jam with ULTIMATE rocker himself, Jimi Hendrix, the night before he died. They have toured and recorded albums with R&RHOF inductee, Eric Burdon of the Animals. Their songs are ICONIC and stand the test of time. But most people don’t know that because everyone samples and covers their songs so much that they don’t know they are WAR’s songs. ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’ an anthem for the world. EVERYONE and their mama knows ‘Lowrider’. ‘Slipping into Darkness’, sampled by so many rap artists, I lost track, and an inspiration for Bob Marley’s song, ‘Get Up, Stand Up’. ‘The World Is A Ghetto’ resonates to this day. ‘Spill the Wine’, yeah, bet you didn’t know they did that one? Cheech & Chong, George Lopez and countless others reap the rewards and recognition for WAR songs while the ORIGINAL artists of WAR get forgotten. SO WRONG!!

  13. latin is not a genre, that´s all I’m gonna say.

  14. \laura nyro vanilla mediocrity huh? Please stick to talking about whatever new song the lana del rays have out.

  15. The fact that Rush hasn’t even shown up in the nominees list yet ruins any possible credibility the RRHOF could have. Is it even surprising anymore with some of the awful selections they pick?

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