Lana Del Rey on SNL

NBC news anchor/indie rock enthusiast Brian Williams and Gawker chief Nick Denton are friends, apparently, and over the weekend he e-mailed a critique of the site’s coverage, or lack thereof, to Denton. An excerpt:

… I do wish the main page featured more TV coverage (Brooklyn hippster [sic] Lana Del Rey had one of the worst outings in SNL history last night — booked on the strength of her TWO SONG web EP, the least-experienced musical guest in the show’s history, for starters). In my humble opinion as a loyal customer (you know I love you but the Blog View button will be the eventual cause of my death) and while I know you’re in the midst of an editor change, weekends have been allowed to go awfully fallow — and it was a fallow holiday period for those of us who check your shit 10 times a day by iphone. I know you’ve been watching NBC Nightly News religiously each evening and I’ll no doubt be getting a withering, detailed critique from you straight away.

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Here’s the performance; let’s just say that if the commenters were all just fake accounts set up by Brian Williams, it wouldn’t have changed the discourse too greatly. Also, as we mentioned in that post, Natalie Imbruglia also played SNL before her debut LP was released, so, yeah, there’s some precedent. As for me, because I’ve been rooting for Lana since we started covering her — she’s in way too deep, but I think she has potential — please excuse me for saying that I’m already torn.

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  1. It really was horrific and awkward! I liked “Video Game” before seeing the performance…not so sure I can listen to it without feeling uncomfortable.

    • Yeah. Everyone is on her for such a bad performance, but in all honesty, she pulled it together for Blue Jeans. It was just Videogames where she was was visibly shook.

  2. But are you all out of faith?

  3. Why are you invested in something so mediocre Corbin? I am truly curious, not trolling.

    • I hear you. I really like “Video Games,” “Blue Jeans” and “Born To Die.” I think they have some cool hooks and I like the lyrics a lot, they’re odd and jarring and I think that makes them memorable. It’s nowhere close to all the way there (evidence: “Off To The Races,” “National Anthem,” etc). A lot of attacks on LDR have been unfair, but that’s not to say some of them haven’t been fair. IDK. There’s something there that works for me, that’s all.

      • I’ve always liked “Video Games” a lot. I hope we’re graced with as many covers of it as we were with “Use Somebody(yawwh)” a little while back. The bottom line is people – and I’ll lump myself in with them (can’t lie) – were looking for a reason to say, “See? She’s terrible. Stop rubbing her in our faces.” SNL was that moment because it was awkward and she wasn’t her best and even the non-music sources picked up on it. But nothing’s changed. We’re still talking about her. People are still going to buy her album (in numbers, no doubt). She’s a lightning rod, pure and simple.

    • I don’t know, why are there so many likes on the righthand corner for Tori Amos and Justice?

    • the songs are so solid. with those videos, I don’t understand how people couldn’t be smitten. The lips, i know, but it don’t matter to me (none).

      That said, it wasn’t the best performance. It was badish. but, lots of people have bombed SNL, including the strokes during First impressions. Although, it has been suggested that they should break up (Pitchfork, 2011). So do with that whatever.


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    • “NOOO! Don’t do it! Don’t be the horrible hipster cliche of starting to hate something when it becomes popular! That’s horrible!”

      Yeaaa, i don’t think anyone’s doing that here… Especially not one of the site’s staff.

      Also if everyone just stuck to their “raw original reaction,” nothing avant-garde or indie for that matter would probably ever even be popular.

      p.s. you suck

  5. Ya know, people are being so fucking cruel about this performance. I’ll be the first to admit it was not good. At all. And I’m sure she’d admit the same upon watching back. But the truly valid criticism made here by Brian Williams is that she is wholly inexperienced, and for that she is not to blame — the internet is. We have a habit of skyrocketing green talent to absurd heights far before they’re ready, and as a result they come crashing down. As a musician, nerves have caused me to bomb even tiny shows. I can’t fathom being thrown on SNL with so little performing experience. I hope she’s around long enough to see if she can do better with a tour under her belt, unless the internet that created her decides that this totally botched performance should mark the end for her. Either way, I don’t hold her responsible for being booked on SNL “based on the strength of her TWO SONG web EP” — one doesn’t turn that opportunity down in the hopes that it comes along again tomorrow. Next time maybe folks should have a little patience and be a little less hyperbolic before an artist has time to develop.

    • The internet isn’t to blame, she’s a fake product. She’s been “using” the “internet” to create a faux hipster, faux viral, faux internet phenomenon. She’s just another singer/songwriter puppet with a major record label’s hand shoved up her ass. She’s being pushed on the mainstream media through a new way of advertising. If you really think the internet made her, then the record company has successfully brainwashed you. People don’t get on SNL simply by having a lot of views on their YouTube music video. Read up on her on Hipster Runoff

      • Well put.

      • You are essentially proving my point. She’s been pushed on the mainstream media through a new way of advertising, and everybody bought into it whole hog. Is she really to blame for that? Is she really any more “fake” than any other pop singer? Do we really think that Lady Gaga believes the bullshit she’s peddling? The difference is that LDR got fast tracked to superstardom by blogs, Pitchfork, etc. If she weren’t beloved by indie blogs, if she were just a regular radio pop singer with a fake name and fake persona who put on a bad SNL performance, nobody would give a fuck. If you think I’m wrong, just ask Ke$ha.

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          • I guess I’m just doing a really poor job of saying what I mean to say. I am not arguing that it’s raw talent that got her on SNL. My point, basically, is — why aren’t Blonds getting constant coverage? Why haven’t they been shot to superstardom? On the flipside, why doesn’t Katy Perry get written about on Stereogum or Pitchfork? LDR is a case of a pop singer whose label did an immaculate job of selling her to the indie kids. As such, she got shot to the highest of heights way before she was ready. Way before she toured in a van for years like every other indie band, or way before she had to crank out hit singles like every other pop star. And now she’s being crucified for being popular before she might deserve it, as though she should have decided to hide in a cave and scorn all the praise she was getting. Of course it’s her decision to be on SNL, but if you were in her shoes would you turn down the chance out of fear that you weren’t ready? Maybe you would. I probably would. But it’s not so deplorable that she didn’t. She is an artist whose marketing exceeds her know-how. All I’m saying is that I don’t think she’s necessarily to blame. If you’re upset that better bands aren’t getting more coverage, blame the people covering worse bands/artists, not the worse artists for getting covered.

          • Lady Gaga is a pop star, she never claimed to be anything different. Personally I like her, she writes her own music, she can play piano and she talks and sings about more than the average pop star. Of course if she didn’t do these things you’d tear her down as another fake pop star but since she does do these things you tear her down as another fake wannabe real musician. You’re just a hater, simple as that. Haters gonna hate.

      • lol at taking Hipster Runoff seriously.

      • Dude, the people on the internet MADE her a hipster, viral internet phenomenon. Are you and the people who gave you a thumbs up really that blind?

        LDR has already said that she’s not a hipster & that tried to get into the Indie crowd, but she didn’t fit and people rejected her. So, she gave up on that. That makes sense to me, although I personally don’t think big record labels are the answer, but I wouldn’t want to be in a community that doesn’t accept me.

        People won’t admit it, but they are so jealous of this chick. Shit, look at what Christopher Owens said! How can you decide what LDR deserves and what she doesn’t? Who are we, as music critics & music fans, to decide that she doesn’t deserve to be getting these big shows & music opportunities? Yes, there are other artists that I think should be on SNL (Feist, GIRLS, Cat Power, Childish Gambino, etc), but you can’t fault a person for using their connections. Everybody just needs to stop acting like assholes.

        At this stage, it seems like to me that everything she does is gonna be wrong in the eyes of most people who’ve been following her story up until this point. Your loss, her gain.

    • she got booked on SNL because her daddy basically bought her the looks, the story and the buzz to get a spot. not because she’s talented or busted her ass for it. put lana del rey in a pair of slacks and a button up shirt, call her lizzy grant, and de-botox her whole face and then see how good people find the two songs she’s released. bet you she wouldn’t end up on one of the most watched shows on weekend night cable.

  6. I think the authenticity argument is played out, however it keeps rearing it’s head for a reason. Regardless of how much experience she has or how much she has developed herself as an artist, she’s responsible for her choices. She really seems to come across as a manufactured product. I have no idea why I should appreciate her more than other artists that seem to do what she does in a far more interesting way. Her fame seems manufactured.

  7. At what point do we start seeing youtube videos of people sobbing while defending Lana and calling all her detractors cruel assholes?


  8. I can’t speak for the rest of her music, but her voice in Videogames just seems very detached and emotionless. That may be the point, I guess, which is fine. With those lyrics, it apparently works as a song. It’s just that detached and emotionless doesn’t really work all that well in a live setting.

    • You’re right!! I don’t know, but I think it’s supposed to be that way for the words *shrugs*. The song just doesn’t work live at all, fucking boring in a live setting.

  9. Still better than Foster the People.

  10. I’m a fan of Brian Williams’ work, but I think David Muir is criminally underrated.

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  12. Will Lana Del Ray be the next Rihanna? Great in the studio…Terrible Live.

  13. You guys need to let this go. We’re finally seeing people outside the internet, humans, react to the bullshit that we’re doing on the music internet. Criticism isn’t all about the writers and the people who “first started covering Lana Del Ray”. We aren’t the stars here, the musicians are making the art and we’re hoping to make it more communicable to a larger audience. So someone you thought you were going to “break” to the world didn’t succeed so you could tell everyone, “I got there first!” Let it go. If her album comes out and is a total dud all the bloggers that are still dying for her to succeed for their own egotistical purposes are going to claim it is good no matter what. That is so selfish, and that isn’t what writing about music is supposed to be.

    • “We” aren’t hoping to do anything. I lose a little more faith in humanity every time I read a post on the forum as irrelevant and off point as yours and there’s no such thing as a “music internet”. You seem to be a very assumptive person, you know the kind that uses the word pretentious do describe everything that they personally dislike. Why don’t you go to another forum and berate other people.

      • Sure, it was a bit heavy handed and emotionally charged but marketing in music is becoming far more important than the actual music and it is scary as hell. I don’t feel like humans that aren’t on the internet consuming music all the time are able to differentiate between what they do and don’t like, so someone selling an artist in effort to be the first person to cover them is somewhat irresponsible.

  14. Anyone else just google the word fallow?

  15. Just so you know, the first person who makes a fake Brian Williams account will be in the top comments of the week.

  16. This is your 61st post about Lana Del Rey, and she has 3 songs. Really, Stereogum?

  17. Her recorded work isn’t that great either, not bad but not great. Sounds somewhat generic to me and inauthentic.

  18. Juilette Lewis tweeted then deleted this Sat night:

  19. I felt compelled to copy this gem of a comment from a Brooklyn Vegan:

    “I question the heterosexuality of any dude that didn’t enjoy her performance. Sorry frumpy chicks, Adele can’t be dragged away from the buffet to be on every week.”

  20. Yes, she is attractive, but the amount of coverage she receives belies the amount of talent she seems to posses. I listened for about 30 seconds and was not compelled to continue listening. At the risk of inciting the ire of everyone who reads this site, I’d put Lana in the category of “Most Over-Hyped Blog Bands”, right alongside Das Racist.

    PS Thank you internet for allowing me to voice my opinions no one asked for.

  21. Never has a musician at this level of mediocrity had this much written about her. Maybe Lady Gaga? Man…guys…the internet…everyone. Get out more.

    Here’s a solid idea: most people played an instrument growing up. Or sang, whatever. Some of you gave it up early, sure, but some of you persisted for awhile. Maybe you still keep your cello case in your closet, building up dust. I dunno, whatever.

    Okay, now here’s where it gets interesting! Wherever you live…find an orchestra or jazz combo that includes that instrument.

    If it’s brass, or any rhythm section instrument, I suggest checking Jazz. it doesn’t need to be someone famous…I guarantee that a very good musician lives in your town, or will tour there soon. Okay, now go listen. Okay, now dig this…they are making most of what they are playing, up on the fucking spot. Capiche? The thing you couldn’t even finish learning how to do, playing very easy things…this guy is playing at a virtuoso level, and it is improvised, all of it. The dynamics, the melodies, every articulation. It’s fucking MADE UP. It’s tuned well. It sounds nice. The melodies are all in the right key. Holy crap, right? Even if you find jazz boring, that’s fine. You don’t ever have to go again! Just appreciate, for a minute, how hard it is to be really really good at something. Okay?

    If strings, get thee to the local symphony and see something your instrument is a solo in. Go check out something tough, like Rachmaninoff or Mussorgsky. You’ll like it I promise, it sounds Russian as FUCK. Bring a book if you’re really bored, I don’t care. Now peep this: do you see any charts in front of the soloist? NO. They fucking memorized it. Now compare what this person memorized….complicated runs, arpeggios, articulation, dynamics…it’s fucking CRAZY. And bonus if it’s on an impossible instrument to tune, like an Oboe or Bassoon or French Horn. Christ, that’s mental what they’re doing, you should be saying to yourself if you aren’t a complete retard. It’s not a couple of lyrics, sung in one key, maybe three or four different notes…this is a LONG COMPLICATED IMPOSSIBLE PIECE OF MUSIC.

    Okay, now go listen to Lana Del Ray. You still think she’s worth talking about? Maybe it’s time to reconsider the things you find impressive.

      • To clarify, this is a cat .gif I imagine djfreshie as when he typed up the above epic rant and not a response to the truths djfreshie has spoken.

    • this is brilliant and the cat gif is amazing as well.

    • Being a talented musician and being worth listening to are two very different things. If being a talented musician was all that mattered to people, then Dream Theater or some shit would be like the biggest band in the world. It’s not about complicated time signatures or minor keys or whatever else music students at Julliard jerk off to. What makes music resonate with people is completely subjective.

      • Is your point that Lana Del Ray is not mediocre then, because if not, I don’t care.

        • Nope. She’s pretty abysmal. I’m simply saying there have been plenty of artists of mediocre talent that put out amazing music.

          • There is no way I could disagree with that point, nor with the idea of amazing musicians making garbage music. This girl could not be more obviously neither of those things.

      • And I should point out this specific article is about her musical ability, as was the previous article about her SNL performance, which mainly was about her musical ability. And so my diatribe which was about her musical ability is why I musical ability her musical ability honestly, I can’t understand why anyone is still defending her. Seriously?

    • Way to write the longest comment on the thread about how we shouldn’t be writing comments in this thread. Sorry Mario but the princess is in another castle.

      • I can do whatever I want because I’m not the one complaining that this girl is good or bad. She’s neither. Everyone else arguing about her “abilities” might as well be arguing about whether white paint is exciting.

    • I still think The Black Keys are mediocre, and they get shit written about them all the time OH LOOK THEY DISSED NICKELBACK. also I like Lady Gaga a lot

    • Not that I don’t appreciate musical talent, but having musical skill doesn’t define whether music is good or bad. I don’t think I really have to name any real examples of generally limited musicians who made amazing music, you can probably think of plenty yourself. Good music has much more do to with some combination of inventiveness, vibrancy, and whole bunch of other thing that are really hard to pin down. That’s what makes some jazz music fun to listen to and Wynton Marsalis not so much. That’s what makes Juicy J a fun rapper and Twista not so much.

      That being said, Lana Del Ray doesn’t seem to have much of that inventiveness either, just a marketable retro image and massive hype machine.

    • Not sure if djfreshie is the person to tell people to get off the internet, but this is a pretty fabulous rant. Also, not sure how the Cat with the machine gun doesn’t have like a million thumbs up.

    • Firstly, djfreshie, I agree with you.

      Secondly, I think your argument is kind of irrelevant here. This is a pop music website, and we’re talking about pop music … what you’re talking about is not pop music, but jazz and classical, which are entirely different musics in terms of cultural significance, academic credibility, funding models, and especially, perhaps, in audience.

      I don’t go to Debussy for the same things that I go to LDR for. I don’t go to Conlon Nancarrow for the same things I go to Sufjan Stevens for. I don’t come to Stereogum to read about modern classical, but there are blogs I do go to for those things. They aren’t really comparable, they’re different.

      I don’t think anyone would argue with you that it takes much more technical skill to be the soloist in an orchestra than it does to be a pop singer. It does. But there is a well-established academic model in classical music that incubates and nurtures that skill. The same is equally true of jazz now. The same is not true of pop music; it is still, almost uniquely (although becoming less so) the only music that allows somebody from a humble background without extensive classical training (and, let’s be honest, the money required for it) to dream a dream and make it real.

      That is such a powerful idea that it will never go away, and people will never want to stop believing it, especially not the audience for pop music, who are, well, “average” people, not people who have been brought up / educated to especially to appreciate jazz or classical. I think it is obvious from the encouragements in your post that you recognise that those musics are elitist and turn off the “average” person, who feel that those musics are not for them.

      So let’s get back to LDR; these are songs for people to hear on the radio, sung by a pretty girl. And I think that they are good songs, and that the whole LDR phenomenon is interesting for what it says about online culture, and pop music. People want this. They want LDR. They want to love her, they want to hate her. It’s about so much more than music, and it is SO much about the idea of who LDR is, as the archetypal pretty girl, the sex object, the embodiment of overnight fame. Personally, I would rather listen to Sharon Van Etten, or even Azealia Banks, cos I like their music better. But I think at the heart of this LDR thing is a fundamental, legitimate cultural truth/paradox, OR SOMETHING. But it seems like there’s always been more to this than songs, than being “good” at music.

      Maybe I don’t know exactly what that is, but I think these guys are along the right lines:

      • Right zyg, but I think you’re misconstruing the reason I brought up classical/jazz musicians – not to laud them and say “these people are better than pop musicians” which I don’t think. I also love pop music. That’s why I’m here\

        What I’m saying is…let’s ask a little bit more from pop music. LDR doesn’t have to do extraordinary things, but she had better be able to do what she intends to do very well.

        This is why we reject auto-tune, and laugh at lip-synchers, and why we still generally appreciate good garage rock, why Bieber is a joke. Because it is average people doing average things very well, that is successful among people who care. I don’t need virtuosity in my pop music, but I absolutely 100% do not want to watch someone fake it. If you can’t accomplish easy things easily, you don’t belong in music.

        You have to be great at something if you want to be a professional person doing that thing. I think that music listeners do more. I think you agree with me to that extent, somewhat, but I’m just clarifying that if my tone was snobbish or something towards certain genres, that wasn’t my intention.

      • big thumbs up for the Nancarrow shoutout! the rest of the comment was pretty great too.

    • Ha ha ha what a load of bullshit. And your writing style is fucking annoying.

  22. I really don’t get it. If you check out her other live videos like this one

    You’ll see that she did perfectly fine ( you could hear her voice was a little wobbly but i’m thinking it was nerves). Either she wanted to be extremely experimental with these songs or she had a reaaaaally bad case of nerves… I really don’t know what went wrong there. Its kinda sad really since it was practically her first major tv appearance. But I would also like to state that judging her for just these two performances when she clearly does have the potential to actually be good live, isn’t right. If she screws up the next one ( hopefully she does have another chance) you all have a reason to diss her. Haha.

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  24. Yes, her performance was embarrassing, but I still enjoy her recorded output, and goddammit everyone needs to stop acting like Carles is the second coming of Christ. I hate what “indie” has become lately. This is why I’m glad I’m not some city-dweller.

    • What does any of this have to do with HRO or being a city dweller? Hope all is well in Podunk, IA… Say hello to Auntie Mae for me!

      • the city-dweller thing might have been harsh, but the only reason people judge her beyond the music is because of HIpster Runoff. I think that’s clear. (Though I do like his slams at James Blunt… er, Blake).

        • I think that’s giving Carles too much credit. I haven’t really read HRO since the “Great Electro Wars of 2007″ and I’m still perfectly capable of judging her. I took note when there was that long letter from Amy Klein of Titus Andronicus floating around that questioned LDR’s authenticity.

          • i really don’t care about outside factors when it comes to music, unless the person is a Nazi or something. I really, really, really like what she’s released so far (yes, you could argue it’s corporate radio pop, but I like a lot of that stuff), and I’m excited for the album. but when I come around here I feel indirectly persecuted for that.

  25. She’s awful. It was like watching a brain damaged person trying to learn to speak, again,.

  26. She is a perfect mash-up of Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts.

  27. stereogum, milking every last drop from this poor fake woman’s infamy. gotta get those mad hits eh, gotta make money. parasites

  28. Watch the SNL performance, then watch any given performance by Sharon Van Etten or Annie Clark. Simply no comparison. There’s no question that giving this woman this degree of attention is a real shame.

  29. Is all this Lana Del Rey coverage pay back for all the 311 jokes? Ok, we get it, we’ll stop now…

  30. The bile is nothing more than a media pile-on. I watched the performance on youtube, wasn’t too excited about it, but it wasn’t anything like as epicly bad as the media was trying to make out. Williams seems to be complaining about nothing more than her vocal style – which actually wasn’t that much different from what she sounds like in the studio.

  31. There was something awkward about her body language on stage, but I still like her songs.The awkwardness was likely due to her inexperience performing live, but practice makes perfect. It still kind of blows my mind how much coverage and hate/love Lana Del Rey can entice.

  32. Next performance is Letterman on Feb. 02. Mark your calendar for discussion, everyone.

  33. Told you guys she was a big gimmick- but you stayed drinking that Kool-Aid. Even the author of this post is hypno-brainwashed by the faux-alternative/faux-indie corporate hipster queen- LANA.

  34. This is perfect for her career. Who go on to Saturday Night Live and just blows you away. Hardly ever happens. This is generating tons of press and people who have never heard of her are seeing these articles on sites like Buzzfeed and checking her out now. The people who liked her before will still like her and now even more people have heard of her.

  35. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2012 -1

    Isn’t it just incredible how joyful it is to see people you don’t like fail like that?

  36. Whenever LDR is mentioned on here (say every five minutes), a lot of the negative comment appears to be directed towards the extent that she’s ‘manufactured’ and that as a result, there’s something not ‘real’ about her.

    Time will tell whether she extends her pop career beyond a debut album and racking up hits on You Tube, but everyone on here purporting to be knowledgeable about pop music seems to have forgotten that for the 60-odd years of its history, pop music has always had manufactured artists and bands.

    The Ronettes were manufactured; are we saying that ‘Be My Baby’ is shit because they didn’t write it, had no say in the production and were marketed by the 60s version of Simon Cowell? Christ, The Beatles debut album is half covers and Ringo was behind the beat on most of them; is Please Please me shit?

    Most of the major pop of the late 50s, early 60s was written by writers, for artists. Anyone remember the Brill Building etc etc?

    I’m not for or against LDR, though if pushed I lean towards liking the recorded music and I’m looking forward to seeing what a whole album is like. If our objections are purely born out of the need to denigrate the way in which she’s entered our musical consciousness, it seems a little harsh to slag her off personally for it. If we’re all pop music fans, wouldn’t we, given the chance, agree to be marketed by marketing experts to allow more opportunities for our music to get ‘out there’? Once it’s out there, cut it to shreds as much as you like, but it should be about the music,not about the person.

    Unless it’s James Blunt, of course…

  37. Future Headline: Brian Williams divorces wife and dates Lana Del Rey.

  38. Well that’s not very nice.

  39. I know who Lana Del Rey is, but I don’t know who the fuck Brain Williams is.

  40. Well, who am I to quibble with Brian Williams’ taste in music? He wrote Pet Sounds and SMiLE and I’m just a … huh…what now? He didn’t? Then who… a news guy? Really. Hmmm.

    Wonder what Ted Koppel thinks of her.

  41. Omg you guys go to Fucking hilarious!

  42. For the record, by the time Imbruglia appeared on SNL, “Torn” was already a worldwide hit (Left Of The Middle had been released everywhere else in the world in October 27, almost six months before she appeared on the show)–and only wasn’t a charted US hit because Billboard didn’t allow airplay-only singles to chart.

    Not saying Imbruglia was a seasoned veteran–but at least there was a clear reason why her label would have pushed her to NBC and why NBC would have booked her on the show.

    Lana Del Ray has released two songs (under that name) and…that’s it. There clearly isn’t any reason why she should have booked a high-profile appearance other than it was bought and paid for. Major record labels aren’t even being subtle anymore.

  43. You know who else sucked on SNL? Radiohead. Leave the girl alone, who cares if she was nervous or had a cold or whatever else? Her songs are really good and whether you like it or not she’s going to be around for a while. Let’s give her a break, pretty much everyone sucks as musical guest on that show. Well, except for the Black Keys.

  44. I love Lana’s song and her looks. Brian Williams stinks. He is not a sensible person and that’s only mildly to put! Obviously Williams is getting old… why not retiring before more stupid things come out from his mouth?

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