No Age vs Kings Of Leon Rainbow Shirts

LA punks No Age posted the above left image on their blog today, posing the question, look familiar? Spin reports that it’s not as egregious as it seems — the shirt does not appear in the Kings’ online store — although Spin’s Google search found it on Amazon’s UK site. So, there’s something to this. Surely they’re not the first punks to be ripped off, but where would you put this exactly? In the days of merch overload No Age’s shirt is relatively iconic. No word on the Kings Of Leon side of things yet — apparently Nathan Followill is out playing golf.

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  1. Middle English: Knol is a mound. Kings of Leon is a mound of excrement. Seems about right.

  2. SOPA should extend to t-shirt piracy.

  3. Who the fuck cares. Apparently No Age’s tshirt designer was the first person to ever use a gradient on text. And KoL’s tshirt designer was the second person to use a gradient on text. And who the fuck thinks that KoL actually creates / approves their own merch designs? Their label probably paid the design intern of the week to do it.


  5. Twitter user @Leti_kru let me know that’s NATHAN’s twitter not Caleb’s. Corrected, thanks @Leti_kru.

  6. I am shocked – shocked! – that Kings of Leon would steal No Age’s proprietary word-stacking technology.

  7. The KoL shirt’s colors match the colors on their latest album cover so not too big of a rip off… and it’s Nathan not Caleb who’s out playing golf… and I’m slightly embarrassed to know these things.

  8. meh. it doesn’t matter a whole lot.
    what does matter is that the best shirt that No Age designed (same word stacking technology but the shirt is peach with white letters) has been out of print for 3 years. re-print that, No Age.

  9. Despite the fact that they really didn’t copy the design at all, they are still a mediocre band. I actually left their show early when the headlined sasquatch. It was honestly one of the most boring shows of the day.

    Also, I love golf.

  10. I had an addidas shirt that looked the same way in ’96 so who gives a fuck! Must be a slow news day…

  11. is the KOL one even a gradient? looks more like the text is masking a photo of a sunset. Also, serif vs. sans serif, on top of vertical vs. horizontal gradiants and different colors. aside from the white teeshirt and large block of text, there aren’t that many similarities. and as was said above, this was done long before No Age picked it up.


  12. i do really like that the text on the KOL shirt sort of makes an “L.” but it’s still a pretty ugly shirt.

  13. I think we can all agree these are both terrific shirts

  14. KNOLIGFESON makes absolutely no sense to me.

  15. seriously, who cares

  16. fuck no age for bitching about this…”we own gradient font” those guys blow….can’t believe pecknold even took the time to comment on this shit…

  17. Kings of Leon ARE THE WORST.

  18. Oh look, No Age got some attention. I wonder if they’ll settle this beef by releasing new material soon.

  19. This is stupid of No Age…

    The gradient on the KOL one is trying to match their album art. The typeface is different, the gradient is different, this arguement (on No Age’s part) is very stupid.

  20. Yes, No Age has a point. Both shirts are equally as ugly.

  21. this is pretty stupid really

  22. It may be just me, but I’m actually starting to pull for Kings of Leon in this indie bands vs. Kings of Leon nonsense. When did rock and roll become so strangely serious?

  23. When did it become so popular for indie bands to hate on Kings of Leon? Seems not too long ago after KOL’s first album came out, one of the members of Radiohead, Colin Greenwood, I believe, said something about how they seem like a lot of fun to be a part of. Its also funny how everyone thought Come Around Sundown was gonna lead to another onslaught of radio singles from KOL even though none of the singles even got marginally popular on alternative rock radio.

  24. I don’t know what worse. The fact that KOL ‘copped’ such a shit design. Or that No Age had the awful design in the first place – and then decided to claim that KOL made something vaguely familiar?!

  25. I bought this KIngs of Leon shirt four and half years ago in Charlottesville.

  26. idiots NO AGE !

  27. I think they both stole the design from the Word Art tool that came bundled with Microsoft Word in the 90s.

  28. This kind of like saying someone ripped off a song because it has the same chord structure. How many ideas are there that haven’t been done in some form or fashion. Highly unlikely that KOL had even seen the shirt.. Wonder which camp is making a story out of nothing at all, in order to generate a little hype.

    • Considering the shirt is from 2007, the same time No Age’s shirt was made, and it was obviously dug up (you can only find it on Amazon’s UK site) and posted on No Age’s blog, I’m gonna go with No Age’s camp.

  29. They don’t even look the same…its’s just letters on a shirt

  30. I love how KoL are too busy shagging models to respond.

  31. why did I just read this entire comment thread? (and king’s of leon’s is totally a sunset)

  32. I think we should stop focusing on KOL ripping off t-shirt designs from bands, and really focus on the fact that their MUSIC is monkeys banging on paint buckets. do monkeys get paid for banging on paint buckets, NIET!

  33. As a graphic designer, I can say that we ALL rip each other of ALL the time.
    These are both just rip offs of that whole ‘FRANKIE SAY RELAX’ revival that was going on a few years ago with t-shirts.

  34. Just did my quarterly check on stereogum to be sure it’s still not a site worth my time. CONFIRMED.

    Just did my quarterly check on stereogum to be sure the content is still getting progressively worse. CONFIRMED.

    Just did my quarterly check on stereogum to be sure hipsters are still saying and worrying about stupid shit. CONFIRMED.

    KOL was the band to hate last year, get over it you stupid, awful blog.

  35. Everyone knows NO AGE sell thousands of those tees and maybe not as many albums these days, and KOL sell loads of albums and probably just as many tees, Deerhoof sell a lower proportion of both and U2 sell more than all of them, so obviously =sum(a2+b3+c4)=d5 …….get a fucking job

  36. And when did all this begin exactly? 1983, maybe?

  37. I hate Kings of Leon and love No Age and even I say it’s not a rip off. The KOL shirt matches their album cover colors, it doesn’t match No Age’s rainbow colors. Having said that, KOL can fuck off and die already.

  38. it should be the other way around, kings of leon came out with this shirt back in 07. how cool of no age to claim kings of leon ripped off their tshirt design when they dont even look alike and kol came out with their design 4-5 years ago.

  39. Maybe, all the way back in junior high, I’d bat an eye at something like this. You’re claiming this as a story? Give me something useful.

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