In response to the Federal shutdown of Megaupload, hacker collective Anonymous has claimed responsibility for taking down websites for the RIAA, Universal Music and the Justice Department. Per their Twitter:

We’ll post updates as/if they come in.

UPDATE: Gizmodo reports, too.

UPDATE 2: Gizmodo reports that the website for the US Copyright Office, record label BMI and French authority HADOPI have all been taken down.

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  1. My amusement is without restraint.

  2. LOL WE R LEGION. Stop giving these 14 year olds attention, they’re only hurting their own cause with this shit anyway, the RIAA will be down for a few hours until the kids get tired of DDOSing. Shit like this just justifies them shutting down sites like Megaupload in their own mind anyway.

  3. Mega-uproar.

  4. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  5. January 19, 2011: War of the Internet, begins!

  6. I am trying to justify my glee over what Anonymous did…

  7. This is the craziest week for the Internet and me.

    First of all, programming note: My employer firewall’d 90% of the Internet, which means I can no longer visit Stereogum and take part in commenting in the daytime. I’m bent out of shape big time, because to put it mildly, taking part in discussion here while working diligently makes my days go by much easier (and I appreciate your company.)

    Of course the whole SOPA thing also threatens my blogging habits, which was punctuated oddly enough yesterday by an e-mail threat from SoundCloud saying it was on record that I had violated copyright in the past (and by past, I mean so far back) and my account is going to get terminated if I violate copyright again.

    Now this, which is turning into one entertaining shit storm.

  8. As much as I respect and support Anonymous’ efforts in cases like this, taking down the websites of RIAA etc is nothing, just taking down a part of their PR. Whereas taking down Megaupload is taking down the entire business.

    • Totally agree. It’s like when they took down a Mastercard (I think) website over the whole Wikileaks funding thing. It probably caused a bit of trouble for the tech guys who work for Mastercard, but didn’t effect the running of the business in any way.

  9. Are those their real faces, or did they hack that picture too?

  10. No, Anonymous must be in bed with Universal. Every picture of those masks puts $$$ into V for Vendetta’s coffers…
    I mean, I assume this as fact. Please don’t hack me.

  11. I appreciate the effort but the execution is a bit lame. Does anyone actually frequent any of those websites. I’d be willing to say Stereogum gets more hits than

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