The Flaming Lips

As previously noted, the Flaming Lips are hard at work on a new collaborative album that will feature contributions from people like Bon Iver, Neon Indian, Nick Cave, Erykah Badu, and, apparently, Ke$ha. The band is planning to get the thing out on 4/21, in time for Record Store Day, and Wayne Coyne has been documenting the process in typically chaotic form on his Twitter. Along the way, he’s posted some short 20-second clips of the Bon Iver and Erykah Badu collabs, and right now you can head over to Pitchfork to check them out.

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  1. Why won’t they just stop the collaborations and write another album as good as Embryonic? All the prior collabs were extremely weak (especially the one with Lightning Bolt, unless your objective is to get a headache). If the collaborators play a backseat role like Karen O and MGMT on Embryonic, then maybe this will work (and Ke$ha’s the only terrible collaborator).

    And I’m going to pre-emptively retract my comments if this album comes out sounding great, but the tiny clips I’ve heard don’t give a good gauge of what’s to come.

    Ke$ha, though… really? really?!?!?!?!?!

    Why are you hurting my feelings Flaming Lips?

  2. I hope Wayne doesn’t tear them a new asshole like he did with Arcade Fire. That sounds like it hurts.

    • I heard a story once that shortly after Neon Bible was released Arcade Fire were at a festival in Europe and Win Butler was talking shit about QOTSA….Josh Homme happened to be standing behind him when he said it…Win got the shit knocked out of him until he apologized….Love the band but he is kind of a dick…..

      Flaming Lips RULE!

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