Jon Stewart Moshing

Photographer Irish Willis Peele’s thing was shooting punk band Frontline (and others) in Virginia, and her archive includes the above pic of students moshing at a Dead Kennedys show. According to Peele, the man in the center is none other than The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, who was a student at William & Mary at the time. to thread, immediately! (via Gawker)

UPDATE: It’s not Jon Stewart, confirms RVA Magazine, but rather Alford Faulkner, bassist for punk bands Red Cross and the Prevaricators.

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  1. Everything

  2. this is just the best

  3. He was a bartender at legendary Trenton, NJ punk club City Gardens.

  4. Not as good as my photo of Bill O’Reilly slam dancing at a skrewdriver gig.

  5. If only Megan Kelly was at the bar smoking, Rachel Madow was jumped off the stage, Stephen Colbert was head butting the guy that’s not Steve Doocy, and, of course, Bill O’Reilly was working the door.

  6. It was still called “slam-dancing” then; “mosh” is the mainstream corruption of a term attributed to Agnostic Front founder/guitarist Vinny Stigma, spelled “mash” but pronounced with a short ‘a’

  7. Ha! I thought Mr. Tough Guy was in that band!

  8. I was referring to the comment about Bill at the Skrewdriver gig.

  9. This… is why i love this man.

  10. I’m gonna guess its not the black guy.

  11. #1.) I’m a woman
    #2.) Jon used to show up @ a lot of the punk shows back then. He was usually alone & stood on the sidelines, quietly getting tanked ~ until he’d drank enough courage to jump into the pit & fight it out w/ the best of ‘em.
    #3.) We called it “fighting” not slam dancing or moshing; those terms were thrust upon us.
    #4.) my screen name is filthypit (a place, not a physical attribute); my friends call me ‘filth’
    #5.) You’re welcome (for publishing my photos without permission)(not that I really care)

    filth ~ pisces

  12. The person in the photo is actually Red Cross/Prevaricators bassist (and Jon Stewart doppelganger) Alford Faulkner…its been Debunked

  13. I really hope this comes up on his show this week. XD

  14. I told you guys this yesterday…but thank you stereogum for verifying my claims :)

  15. Moshing or trying to give it to the black guy in the keister?

  16. i always figured j. stewart to be that guy who rams you in the small of your back whilst slam dancing.

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