James Murphy

Former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy (it still hurts to type those words) is a noted foodie, as anyone who read this awesomely absurd GQ article can tell you. And like Bonnie “Prince” Billy before him, he’s planning on giving the world his own blend of coffee. As Grub Street reports, Murphy is planning on developing his own blend of espresso, which he plans to sell in one single shop, and he’s pretty hands-on with the process.

According to Murphy himself, he plans to “just go to a roaster who lives near me and start tweaking beans and temperatures… I thought it would be fun. I have beans that I like. I like this sometimes and that sometimes. Sometimes in the middle.” He’s currently negotiating with this unnamed roaster. And I have to say: This coffee is going to have to be pretty goddam good for me to feel OK about LCD Soundsystem not being a thing anymore.

The comments section is obviously the place for everyone’s best LCD-related coffee puns. Have at it.

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  1. When you’re coming down off your caffeine buzz, you can say “I’m losing my edge…”

  2. Is LCD Groundsystem too obvious?

  3. Bean Connection!
    Bean Communication!

  4. It’s time to get latte, it’s time to get latte…from you!

  5. All My Blends

    (too easy?)

  6. Decaff is brewing at my house.

  7. we at least know it won’t be bitter, because what’s the difference?

    • the coffee isn’t pobblem …..it’s hat yur drinking now… u n’t become a king in tht state of mind or position clean up ….. drink what your promoting and then smile when u come around waking up…….l.o.l. goood luck.

  8. the coffee infiltrator (thats not that good, but I wanted to join it.) Never as Tired as When I’m Waking Up to James Murphy’s coffee in my cup. (thats even worse, I’m sorry). Losing my Beans, that one works as a really stupid coffee shop name and a pun (that might not even be a pun, I quit)

  9. Movement. Think about it.

    Disco Percolator

    Never As Tired as When I’m Waking Up

    Yr Starbuck’s a Sucker

  10. daft roast is playing at my house

  11. Jura Impressa J9 “One Touch” TFT Coffee Maker

  12. Freak Out / Starry Eyes

  13. Drink it Michael Musto.

  14. Buzzed Girls

  15. North Americano Scum

  16. Oh but I’m frappe’d….your pillaging and I’m frappe’d…your yesterday and I’m frappe’d.

  17. I was there when Jerry Baldwin started up his first Starbucks. I said “Don’t do it that way. You’ll never make a dime”

  18. krupps coffee maker and columbian coffee exspresso anyone better then a dry martini in the making fit for a queen or king …

  19. Death From Arabica

  20. brew yourself clean

  21. Disco Percolator

  22. uh oh I got the coffee poops lololol think i missed the point XD

  23. trials and perculations

  24. Grounds of Silver talk to me makes me want to feel like a barista, then you remember the feelings the minimum wage job of baristas, then you think again

  25. I hope the coffee isn’t even bitter

  26. i hope james murphy get his payments from the nation, for his trials with Percolations

  27. And the boring collect, i mean all disrespect, in the neighborhood coffee shops i once dreamt i would drink?

  28. I’m losing my grounds to the beans from France & from London

  29. I hear your buying a coffee maker & throwing your synthesizer out the window

  30. if you brew it again, i’m gonna freak out…so brew it again.

  31. Grind Yrself Beans

  32. ..and it keeps brewing, and it keeps brewing, and it keeps brewing till the mug is full

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