Deerhunter - "Curve"

Though Beach Fossils members like Cole Smith and John Peña have taken time to do their own thing lately (with their bands Dive and Heavenly Beat, respectively), the Dustin Payseur-led Beach Fossils outfit is still an outfit of high function. As they prepare their second LP, the band will put out the single “Shallow” next month, which logically follows the What A Pleasure EP in mood and texture. Download below.

(via Spin)

The “Shallow” 7” is out 2/21 on Captured Tracks.

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  1. it’s a cool enough song but come on son. you followed up an EP with a castoff from a record no one’s heard yet?

  2. cool song. i really love how they sampled Everlong by Foo Fighters in the beginning there.

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