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Next week, the Shins will release the 7″ single version of “Simple Song,” the huge, world-beating single from their forthcoming Port Of Morrow album. That single will feature a new song called “September” on the B-side. And below, we’ve got the lyric video for the song, which has a delicate bossa nova lilt and some classic-rock-informed close harmonies. James Mercer! He knows what he’s doing!

(via Record Store Day, via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

The “Simple Song” 7″ is out 2/14 on Columbia/Aural Apothecary.

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  1. y’know when I asked when The Shins enter ‘can-do-no-wrong’ territory?
    …I think it might be right now.

  2. The picture accompanying the post pretty much sums up how I feel about this song. It’s like sitting in an empty room, bored out of your mind, and you’re wondering, “why aren’t there enough chairs for us all to sit comfortably?”

    • Are you just not a Shins fan? This is very par for the course with Mercer & Co. If you don’t like this song, you probably won’t like the rest of their stuff.

      • I actually like the rest of their work. I can’t stand when a band I like doesn’t grow or evolve at all. It’s been a long lay off and they are coming back with music that sounds safer than ever

    • Yeah this sounds pretty standard Shins. Although in my opinion the lyrics push this thing past what we heard on Oh Inverted World, Chutes Too Narrow, and Wincing The Night Away.

  3. i can’t wait for that magical album to be released in march

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  5. *James Mercer and other people – “September”

  6. Talk about a one-two punch. Can’t wait for March 20.

  7. Let’s hear it for cassette tapes. Cassette Tapes!

  8. Why is this being called a B-side when it’s listed as track 5 on the album?

  9. I like it, and this just gets me excited for more record store day releases. I hope there will be more in-store free stuff this time…

  10. I hope they release this single in CD (hopefully digipack as their previous singles from wincing the night away :D )

  11. indeed sounds a lot like WTNA …

  12. James Mercer has a beautiful voice. And how the hell can he sing all those high pitches I wonder? When it comes to The Shins, you always expect some strong poetry. We also have it here.
    I still sing along with old Shins tunes. Some of them are really hard to follow. “Australia” for instance. Give me a microphone and I’ll make a mess out of myself.
    Waiting to hear the new album.

    • as far as I know, he hits the notes by sucking his testicles inside of his body cavity.
      I could be wrong.

      well, this was a sweet lil ditty. in contrast, it made my testicles hang low which is a sign of comfort for me.

      Anyway have a good afternoon,

  13. ripped an mp3:

    or is that a no-no here…….?

  14. Cool I listened to the other one first and I must say this one TO ME is just much better and less generic sounding.

  15. loving the “simple song” video! can’t wait for more new music in march. check out the video:

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