2012 Juno Award Nominees

This year’s Juno Awards take place in Ottawa on 4/1, and today the nominees for their annual prizes were revealed. A lot of familiar names — Drake, Feist, Avril Lavigne — headline the nominees. Something tells me the Black Keys won’t be happy with a selection or two. Two Christmas albums made the “Best Album” list, so either it was a bad year for Canadian albums or the best year for Christmas albums ever! Shatner hosts, obviously. Scan the nominees below.

Artist Of The Year
Michael Bublé
City and Colour

Best Album:
Goodbye Lullabye, Avril Lavigne
Take Care, Drake
Under the Mistletoe, Justin Bieber
Christmas, Michael Bublé
Here and Now, Nickelback.

Best Single:
“Fragile Bird,” City And Colour
“Invincible,” Hedley
“Let’s Go Higher,” Johnny Reid
“When We Stand Together,” Nickelback
“I Don’t Know,” The Sheepdogs.

For the rest of the nominees, head to CBC. The ceremony is in Ottawa on 4/1.

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  1. Avril lavigne released an album last year?

  2. If an Avril Lavigne album get released in Canada, does it make a noise?

    In other news, where’s The Weeknd? By far the best music released moose-side of the border last year.

    • Come on man you don’t want The Weeknd to show up at the same event as Avril Lavigne.
      He’d do weird creepy things and then write a song about it.

  3. Ah the Junos…if only there were a less credible award out there.

    Related and totally appropriate since I work for “a music company” our management thought it would be neat if anytime someone does something significant, they were given an award. The departmental awards are called “Junos”

    Anyways, this past year I was nominated for, and won my department’s Juno award. It came with a mention at our town hall meeting and a smashing $20 gift certificate to the Bay.

    Needless to say my reaction was probably the exact appropriate similar reaction one would have to winning a Juno.

    Also related: I bought a digital recording unit off a guy who won a Juno 10 years ago. He was selling all his gear because he couldn’t afford to continue producing music. THE JUNOS! Pretty much the award to end all awards.

    • I gotta say, when they announced the inclusion of a new “Metal/Hard” category I was pretty skeptical, but they actually did a decent job. A Juno won’t mean much for the bigger name acts, but for Fuck the Facts and he-who-should-win Devin Townsend to be recognized is pretty cool.

      • Paul, are you…defending the Juno awards?

        • I’m defending the fact that the bands who arguably struggle and work the hardest of all the respective nominated genres are finally being acknowledged on a bigger scale. This kind of exposure can make a big difference for the guys in KEN mode, you know?
          So, yes? In the sense that awards like these can mean the most to those who don’t actually strive for them, I guess I am?

          • Maybe, but if it’s anything like the other specialized categories, they’ll just pick two to three groups and keep giving it to them over and over again for 20 years.

          • I won’t argue that.
            The nominations for the category mentioned are already flawed – Anvil is a sentimental choice and we all love to see them keeping at it, but a band like Threat Signal is more deserving, on a music level (although then I’m falling into the black hole of award merit.)

            The nominations do seem to be based on a “who has been at this the longest and still going” mentality, and if Townsend doesn’t win it’ll be a sham, but I fully expected this category to be a catch-all for junk like Three Days Grace, so I was pleasently surprised.

  4. Wait, *two* Christmas albums nominated for Album of the Year???
    Junos, when I asked how anyone could be worse than the Grammys, that was a rhetorical question.

  5. Dat Album Nominations, such a troll.

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