It’s Thursday afternoon, time to Rank & File the biggest stories of our post-Super Bowl, pre-Grammys news churn. By now you know an item’s RANK reflects a story’s size, while its BUZZ (thumbs up, or down, or both (always with the thumbs around here)) reflects its nature. Scroll beneath the image for links to the articles referenced within.

1. Watch M.I.A.’s Super Bowl Middle Finger
2. Watch Bon Iver (And Kristen Wiig’s Lana Del Impersonation) On SNL
Watch St. Vincent & Isaac Brock On Portlandia; St. Vincent – “Cheerleader” Video
4. Sasquatch! 2012 Lineup
5. The Shins – “September”; The Shins – “It’s Only Life” (Solo Acoustic)
6. Watch Lana Del Rey On Letterman; Watch Lana Del Rey Perform At Amoeba Records
7. Please Help Us Answer This Jeopardy! Question; Another Indie Rock Jeopardy! Question
8. Jay-Z @ Carnegie Hall In Photos, Videos; Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Niggas In Paris” Video
9. Metallica Announce Orion Music Festival
10. Earl Sweatshirt – “Home”

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  1. I want to give a huge thumbs up to Stereogum for putting Ceremony’s Zoo in their “Heavy Rotation” this week. I can also confirm it’s the year’s best album.

    • Hey Mike, I want to shout out my support for your blog, which I truly enjoy, and especially for hyping this Ceremony album, it’s really fun and great. I can tell you I’ve gotte a fair amount of stares from jamming to this album on my campus, of course that’s all my fault, I get too into the music, but I’ve really been hoping people would come up to me, because they should know about this! Anyway thanks dude!

      • No problem, thanks for reading! It baffles me whenever people say nice things about or like what I’ve written, but I take that as a compliment. Don’t stop reading Stereogum, though. It’s the only place where the conversation happens.

      • I concur – you have a good ear and you write well. Keep it up. I will disagree forever though that Yuck or Iceage are worth any significant time. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect the rationalizations.

    • “Year’s best album?” ~Grimes

    • I just checked out the single from Ceremony’s Zoo, definitely looking forward to hearing the whole album.

    • I also read yr blog.

      • Really cool to hear, thanks for the support! There’s definitely times I feel a bit deterred on the days it seems like I’m writing to no one, so I’ll try to keep it in mind that a handful of ‘Gum commenters consciously take time to read.

        Update: I believe Ceremony’s Zoo has now officially sprung a leak for anyone interested.

        • Michael_

          It has sprung a leak, and it’s a great album. The singer has a Keith Morris thing going on. I’m not going to say it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s the best album I’ve heard this year.

          After 5 listens (yeah, I’m lame), the album reminds me of OFF! strangely enough (surprise, their singer is Keith Morris) because it’s “punk” but without the lame signifiers and the guitars have a heaviness too them that isn’t present in the poopier punk.

          And yes, I meant “poopier.”

          • Gum,

            Add an edit button. Delete “but” after “punk” and substitute “too” for “to.”

            ‘Gum isn’t friendly to people with OCD.

          • I felt the same exact way with the OFF! style to their sound on some parts, but also — slightly British post-punk, no? Ross Farrar’s voice on some tracks has that slight bit of an accent to it a la Wire (Which is no surprise since Ceremony covered “Pink Flag” on their 6 Cover Songs EP last year) and some surfy goth a la Bauhaus. I freaking love the way the guitars sound, too, which credit goes to John Goodmanson (He’s worked with Blood Brothers, S-K and Unwound.) They sound bigger in a Nirvana Nevermind sense but definitely not “poopier.” While those obvious “single”-sounding tracks are great, the last track “Video” is a great closer.

        • Yeah, Just heard it today, it’s great. That and Open Your Heart coming out on the same day is pretty awesome.

      • Hi Michael,
        I don’t read your blog but I do watch you get dressed everyday from outside your window. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only post-pubescent male clinging on to footie pajamas and kissing G.I. Joe figures.

  2. If this list, [right here! on this page!] is any indication, Sasquatch’s line up is pretty sweet, isn’t it? Considering it includes No. 2, 3, and 5. [And will include Spiritualized!] Compared to the insufferably safe lineup of Coachella [fuck it, let's just get Radiohead], I’m pretty stoked.

    • My disappointment with Sasquatch was that it did not differ tremendously from Coachella like it did last year. All of the bands I really want to see (with the exception of The Helio Sequence, and possibly War on Drugs a 2nd time) are playing at Coachella. Sure I like Sasquatches line up a bit better (except for Radiohead), but it is not worth it for me to go to both.

  3. It’s a middle finger. Why do the indie critics seem so disappointed and upset? Oh right, age. You’re sounding more and more like your fathers.

  4. Shouldn’t Annie Clark being on Gossip Girl be a thumbs down?

  5. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Feb 9th, 2012 -14

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Not the biggest Bon Iver fan, but I like some of his side projects and I understand that he gets attention for reasons other than just appeasing “cool indie dads”. That was a pretty funny line though.

      I’ve never really been on hipster runoff(I saw a huffington post headline about the story and bit on it). That dude is basically just the greatest troll alive right?

      • You should give it a read, it’s a pretty good satire of the indie scene and blog culture in general, it’s usually quite funny and sometimes makes a worthwhile point. Sometimes. The LDR article about “content farms” is great.

    • You should start a blog.

    • I seem to remember that Nickelback is the easiest target…

  6. I think it’s pretty safe to call Outside Lands the 2nd best fest in the west. No? Last year delivered.

    • I don’t think Outside Lands’ line up was as good as Sasquatch last year. Still going this year, amazing experience, and best food out of any festival I have been to. I guess it also helps that I live in SF….

      • Ya I’m biased since I live 3 blocks from GG Park. But we actually had summer sunshine & I love the Phish and you are correct about the food. OSL last year “got it” that they need to go more EDM & Indie Electronic – and it was their first weekend sell out…Starfucker, !!!, DeadMau5 vs. Arcade Fire, STS9 vs. Decemberists, Phish vs. Shins…my best fest experience ever personally. Let’s see if Coachella can top it.

        • Since you live in that area, I highly recommend Treasure Island. It is a much smaller festival, but because of that it is a lot easier to see bands up close. Really one of my favorite “festivals” to go to.

  7. I thought the middle finger was hilarious. And a lot more tasteful than what the dancers were doing behind her at that moment. Gross.

    Anyway, the awesomeness of the “Bad Girls” video should at least make the M.I.A. entry a thumbs up AND thumbs down . Good AND bad, right?

    Oh well. I’ve been listening to her all week, regardless.

  8. very subjective. I feel the Orion festival lineup in NOWHERE near as impressive as the Sasquatch festival.

  9. I think were jumping to conclusions on this MIA thing, maybe the camera man called her headdress tacky?

  10. Elyse Howdershell  |   Posted on Mar 17th, 2012 0

    Can’t wait for Sasquatch! Dry The River is a must see artist for me this year:)

    Check out their song “Weights & Measures”:

  11. Christ you suck dick at your job.

  12. Well this is a weird comment now without the context of the comment it was replying to.

  13. I upvoted you because I thought this was directed at me. I suck at work.

  14. I deleted all those spam comments!
    Sometimes I replace the comment with “[this comment was spam]” but there were SO many from this one spammer and I was being lazy so I mass deleted/blacklisted. SORRYZ FRESHIE!

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