Nicki Minaj - "Starships"

As if all the wigs weren’t enough evidence of Nicki Minaj’s Lady Gaga influence, Nicki’s Grammy performance turned out to be the sort of theater-class absurdity that Gaga has firmly entrenched in the pop mainstream. And now “Starships,” Nicki’s newest single, features production from Gaga’s frequent collaborator RedOne. It’s straight-up unapologetic cheeseball trance-rap, and we should get good and used to hearing it now, since it seems built to own the radio for the next few months. Listen to it at rap-up.

Nicki’s sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is out 4/3 on Young Money.

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  1. Please… no more…

  2. make it stop…one trick pony….culturedeath

  3. i no longer want to live on this planet

  4. Just more firmly cemented as my musical guilty pleasure.

  5. Figured she would have to appease the people who hated “Stupid Hoe” (most people) with a track like this. But that’s fine, her mindless bubblegum is still better than most radio pop.

  6. Ugh! I get so tired of some black female rappers/singers trying so desperately to look white- bitch take that fake plastic shit off and stick to your roots.

  7. And this song makes me want to commit suicide.

  8. This track is so bad, it’s hilarious. It throws in just about every single Top 40 cliche of the last 2 years. She has never sounded this desperate.

  9. I mean, I’d dance to it drunk.

  10. Intellectual music, tell me what you think -J cole Simba Remix

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