YACHT - "Shangri-La"

Portland-born synthpop duo YACHT have already released a couple of videos from their recent Shangri-La, and now there’s a new clip for the title track. In the video, the group’s two members engage in all sorts of quintessentially Los Angeles activities: Surfing, tai chi, getting tattooed, drinking veggie smoothies, hanging out with white-clad cults. It’s pretty. Watch it below.

Shangri-La is out now on DFA; read our Under The Influence interview with the group.

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  1. Shangri-La was an EP?

  2. Shangri-La was an album, but this post was referencing the recently released Shangri-La Single EP with a bunch of remixes by Bobby Birdman, Kim Hiorthy, Psychemagik, etc.

  3. It’s all fun n ice cream cones n yoga till an earthquake comes along and smashes it all to nothing.

    No but really that’s cute. I should watch this another day when I’m feeling less cynical.

    p.s. Shangri-la always makes me think of the song by Jem and the Holograms

  4. Always good to see Bobby Birdman pop up in something.

    For those who haven’t been to LA: there are parts that are actually sorta like this. If you put this on one side of the spectrum, then Entourage on the other, somewhere in the middle is what makes it such an awesome place to be.

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