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Every March, thousands upon thousands of inebriated music dorks descend on Austin, Texas for the SXSW Music Festival. The whole idea of the festival is that new acts can make name for themselves by playing umpteen billion shows over five days, but bigger names can also be counted on to make appearances. Headliners like the Shins and Fiona Apple had already announced SXSW shows, and the festival organizers have just added a few more big ones. As Consequence Of Sound reports, the latest round of additions includes Santigold, T.I., Nas, Norah Jones, Jimmy Cliff, GZA, and Cults, as well as SXSW standbys like Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, Torche, Trash Talk, and Big K.R.I.T. Check the SXSW website for the full list of already-announces shows, and be advised that plenty more will be announced in the leadup to the festival, which goes down 3/13-18.

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  1. Never been to SXSW, but I hear it’s an industry insider’s paradise frollicing around Austin. Top of my list to see if I could? Obviously Ceremony, alongside Whirr, The Men and Mr. Dream (who I don’t see listed on SXSW’s site but I’m pretty sure will be in Austin during that time.)

    • …Speaking of dreams, where’s ‘Gums unsanctioned SXSW party announcement? Last year’s was just that for the goth pop / punk crowd.

    • There are lots of people there from labels and publications, but the festival would not be close to what it has become without the tons of people who attend just because they love music. Some years it can be hot as Hell, and the “venues” (yes, bars and clubs in downtown, but also any place where it is okay to play music loud) are spread out enough that you may find yourself doing A LOT of walking. That said, as long as you make an effort to listen to a considerable portion of the bands ahead of time, you will have a great week. The biggest mistake people make is choosing to just randomly attend shows (well, and also forgetting that the point is the music and not the free alcohol). You’re talking about 2,000 bands here. Yes, stumbling upon something amazing is one of the joys of the festival, but that almost always happens because you were already at a particular venue to see a band you know is good. There are bands playing from around noon until about 2 AM for several days. It is basically the ultimate endurance test for people who claim to love music. At some point at every SXSW, I am starving from sacrificing eating to see bands and the muscles in my feet spasm from all the standing and walking, but the music makes it worth it. A lot of times, SXSW is your one real shot to see some band. Bands that are too poor and/or never come to the US will come to SXSW on the off chance that someone “important” will notice them.

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