Waka Flocka Flame - "Round Of Applause" Video

It’s always fun when a music video attempts to impose some sense of drama on a song that wants nothing more than to be a strip-club banger. “Round Of Applause” may be sedate by Waka Flocka’s violent standards, but it’s still just a simple and insistent dance song. The video, however, thinks it’s about some seedy underworld. It gives Waka a chance to try out some Henry-Hill-in-Goodfellas narration, and it ends with the always-misleading “to be continued” tag. Drake, along for the ride, is his typical goofball self. Watch it below.

Waka probably has another album coming out sometime this year, but he’ll presumably release another five mixtapes before it arrives.

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  1. “And when greed sets in… in comes the dirty beat. MAKE THAT ASS CLAP.”

    Another fine example of American story telling. Jonathan Safran Foer eat your heart out.


  2. Soo….why is this guy allowed to make music? He’s got all the charisma and skill of a plate of potatoes. It’s songs and videos like this that make Hip Hop by Dead Prez all the more poignant. Terrible stuff.

  3. i love drake and waka flocka flame

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